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To keep your Vapodil on top!

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To keep your Vapodil at its best, it’s good to keep in mind some good practices … and drop the bad ones!

But before doing so, it is important to take note of the

Prerequisites for use and cleaning procedure VAPODIL 3 2019


TO DO :-)

  • Put washing-up liquid on the O-rings of the handle every time you use it and every time you fill the tank: this will allow you to remove the accessories very easily and to protect the seals;
  • Before the first use of the day and before switching on the VAPODIL, put 1/2 of water into the tank ; gently shake the VAPODIL and pour the water into the pitcher or other container to check whether the water is hard or soft. 
  •  Every 20 uses, put water in the tank, add half a glass of white vinegar, heat it up, turn it off and leave it for 6 hours. Then, empty and rinse the tank twice with clear water;
  • Remember to place a label on your Vapodil with the date you last descaled it, so that you can maintain the tank regularly: time goes by so quickly!



  • Do not place it high up (e.g. for filling): the weight of the hose and power cord could drop the Vapodil and thus damage it!
  • Do not put vinegar in the tank and “spray” vinegared water: this will damage the system and the hose will become porous;
  • Do not rub or press any of the accessories used: it is the 120° steam that works for you;
  • Do not leave water in the Vapodil for more than a month without using it: this would allow limescale to settle and rot the water, which would generate bad smells;
  • Do not pull on the hose to move it during use, move it while transporting it;
  • Do not clean the silicone gaskets in direct contact with the sprayer (the burning brass tip would damage them): remember to add the small black round brush;
  • Do not wrap the hose too tightly around the Vapodil while it is still hot. At the base of the Vapodil, the hose should be “straight” for 10 cm.
  • Do not lend your Vapodil… because not or badly trained, the people you lend it to may misuse it and possibly damage it.