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Yes, your plants already love Vapodil!

Plants: we love them! This little piece of nature in our homes or offices is good for us. They contribute to the aesthetics of our spaces, they know how to create a more serene environment and even clean the ambient air. Some of these plants are very good at purifying the air. All the more reason to take care of it!

Between indoor and outdoor air, which is the most polluted?

Contrary to what one might think, the indoor air in our homes and workplaces is 10 to 100 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Indoor air would even be one of the top 5 greatest health risks! Invisible, odourless but not harmless to our health, this pollution has very varied origins. A limited volume of air, poor air exchange, but above all harmful particle emissions from paint, glues, insulation, but also… deodorants and household cleaning products: all this insidiously pollutes the air we breathe.

Plants: natural air filters

Beyond their aesthetic qualities, some plants are known for their ability to improve the quality of the atmosphere. To clean the indoor air, there is nothing better than installing depolluting plants. This is proven in the laboratory: thanks to stomata, these small holes that allow gas exchanges between the plant and the air and regulate the respiration of the plant, the toxic molecules contained in the air are transformed into nutrients. The pollutants are filtered and digested by the roots, which convert them into healthy organic products. By feeding, plants also promote a healthy home: they humidify the air, fight against the odours of tobacco, paint, ammonia or formaldehyde. Through a process of perspiration, they emit oxygen in the form of water vapour. The more water a plant consumes, the more moisture it generates and the more pollutants it is able to remove.

What does this have to do with the dry steam generated by Vapodil DSC? 

The link is that the Vapodil cleaning solution not only allows your plants to look better, be more alive, but also to do their job better. You can see it by spraying them (at a distance of at least 15 centimetres): the dust slides on the leaves and falls to the ground in an instant. There is no need to carefully wipe each sheet with a cloth. This takes a long time and does not guarantee that all impurities will be removed. Nor is there any need to buy at an exorbitant price the praised lacquers to artificially shine the leaves. For your plants, these products are a double punishment. First, your small indoor garden is suffocated by the toxicity of these products filled with formaldehyde. Then, your plants, with sticky leaves, are deprived of the process of perspiration and therefore of depollution; they can no longer feed properly, they yellow and often wither.

Your plants love everything that is natural. The “no product” solution Vapodil acts as a natural air purifier. Dry steam is an healthy water without any chemistry, which eliminates dust but does not burn, makes the leaves shine while favourizing good respiration. With Vapodil, your plants are clean, shiny and in great shape.

They are also one of the first signs of a perfectly healthy interior!