Finally, a steam cleaner that is safe to use!

After several years of research and development, Vapodil has been designed, calibrated and tested to provide an ideal pressure-temperature balance, optimal for cleaning all types of surfaces. A popular cleaning process in industry, which can be used in the same way at home. It is indeed safe and secure for the user!

With its 4 bars of pressure and 120°C when exiting the accessory (at the tip and not at the tank), the Vapodil DSC is a high-tech device that has required years of development, research and improvement. Many products sold as dry steam cleaners actually only provide very hot water. It is not the case with the Vapodil DSC, which generates dry steam that contains a very low amount of humidity: 5% to 7% of water (humidity) in a vapour state, which is less humid than the air we breathe.

This extremely low humidity rate changes everything, and it is probably the most difficult parameter to control with steam cleaners. It guarantees both the efficiency without water runoff and its safety. Indeed, the more liquid water will be contained in the steam, the less energy efficient it will be, carrying and providing less heat than a saturated, or “dry” steam. In addition, it should be handled with care, as there is a high risk of burnings for the users.

The superheated steam that comes out of your Vapodil DSC is dry steam. It doesn’t contain liquid molecules, only water molecules in a gaseous state. As it contains less than 7% water, it is absolutely safe to touch it one centimetre away from the nozzle, there is no risk of burn. No safety equipment is required, especially since the Vapodil cleaning solution does not require the use of any toxic products and does not cause any risk of allergy.

The same goes for the surfaces you just cleaned. Vapodil offers an absolutely non-abrasive thermal cleaning process (no risk of wearing out or abrasion of the surfaces), it requires a single pass, no friction, and dries almost instantly. Why? For the same reason: the very low humidity level, whose evaporation is further accelerated by the very high temperature of the cleaner and the use of absorbent microfiber cloths.

As for the electrical conductivity of the steam jet, there is none. Not only have the advanced materials used been chosen to withstand very high temperatures, but the design of the tank guarantees an absolute containment of minerals and limescale, eliminating the resistivity of the steam jet, in other words its capability to oppose to the circulation of electric power. Of course, the Vapodil DSC meets strictly with the CE safety standards.

To finish reassuring the user, the Vapodil solution systematically includes a customised training, before the purchase: a Vapodil advisor goes to your home, in your environment, and offers you 1h30 of free one-to-one demonstration to discover the product. There is no point in having a high-performance solution if you don’t use it properly: this Vapodil demonstration guarantees results that matches your expectations.

It is also the last guarantee of an optimal safety!