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I’ve discovered that cleaning is a game!

Vapodil is a tool that corresponds well to my way of thinking. It translates a philosophy that takes into account a way of life and a vision of the world: natural and product-free, respectful of nature, simple, practical, effective and fast. Cleaning without products, using little water resources are first of all mental attitudes that translate into learned behaviour. This learning phase was necessary for me to use Vapodil in accordance with its good practices.
And I discovered that cleaning is a game. Yes, I find it fun to clean with Vapodil! Who would have thought it!
This tool requires you to go beyond your traditional beliefs and ways of doing things. As a fan of “bleach”, I have now forgotten its characteristic smell. Yes, the old demons are never far away and are passed on from generation to generation. I grew up with my brother, my sister and… the famous “bleach”.
I systematically use Vapodil every week. It is a beauty ritual for my home that I will not miss.
Thank you to the Vapodil team.

Laurence PERRIN, management consultant, Alsace – FRANCE (September 2022)


And who knows, it may get in Buckingham Palace in a few months ?!

Hello! I am Virginie, based in London for almost 7 years.

I first met the Vapodil when I moved out from Aix-en-Provence. I called the Cleaning Queen (aka my Mum) to be sure to get my deposit back.

When she walked into the flat with her Vapodil, my first question was, “What’s your teleshopping machine?!” – she doesn’t watch that kind of tv shows and doesn’t even have a TV at home… After a few minutes I had the WOW effect! Highly curious about life and new things, I tried and Loorrrddd! What a change compared to when I moved in, that I cleaned the walls with a sponge…!!

New city, New way of cleaning! Bye,bye to the sponges and Welcome to the Vapodil!

I took it in the Eurostar with me and quickly adapted itself to London lifestyle. My flat welcomed it with open arms, just like my flatmates!! 

I worked for a decade in luxury hotels, in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and London. The pandemic has decided to end my love story with it. Now big question – What happens next?!

After a heartbreak, some people like to go to the hairdresser to change their look, others move to a new city, others prefer to go on a trip. 

I challenged myself to make the Vapodil discover to the United Kingdom! And who knows, it may get in Buckingham Palace in a few months?!  😉

Virginie (April 2022)

10,000 uses and it’s still going strong!

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you once again on the quality of your devices.

We did the calculation with a patient yesterday morning, we are approaching 10,000 uses (at an average of 45 uses per day, 5 days a week for almost 42 weeks!) and …. it still works as well!

As for my estimate of the use of VAPODIL, don’t hesitate to use it as a testimony!  If anyone ever asks me what I think of your practical tool, I will gladly repeat myself!

Pierre-Yves Rinder, head of a practice with 3 physiotherapists in Strasbourg (February 2021)
Long live Vapodil which I recommend with my eyes closed!

To my “Huggy the Good Tips”,

What can I say except thank you, thank you for making my life easier every day and for making housework easier and above all faster.

Cleaning without effort and with undeniable efficiency with Vapodil is now a done deal.

Men, you can also use it without any problem, the vapodil is perfect for the car, the cleaning of the tools…

For nothing in the world, I will return to an old-fashioned cleaning and God knows that I spend hours doing it.

Thanks to you Karine (Vapodil advisor) for always being present and available to your customers.

Long live Vapodil, which I recommend with my eyes closed.

Congratulations to the whole team that develops this wonderful product.

Lynda (March 2021)

The Vapodil? The promise of a dream come true…

“Two years ago, Odile Ehrbar sold me a dream by telling me that, thanks to Vapodil, I would save time and money, that there would be less sick leave of cleaning staff in my establishment, that cleaning with Vapodil preserves and respects even the most fragile surfaces and materials, that the cost of our dry cleaning expenses would decrease, that overall cleanliness would be more evident. And now, another string to the bow of Vapodil, it assures us a sanitary security with its disinfecting power. Today, I have traveled 100 km to testify that the dream that Odile told me has become reality… Even if sometimes we still have to do training reminders to change the old habits of our employees”.

Hotel Restaurant Les Berges de l’Ill 5*
(Illhaeusern – Alsace)

Testimony shared during a conference led by Odile Ehrbar at the BiObernai show on September 11, 2020

Fast as lightning!


Just to thank you for the speedy delivery. I did receive the package this morning. Thank you again, it’s a pleasure to work with you again.

All the best.

Laurence DV.
Head of Catering


As a beekeeper, I am very satisfied!

I’m very satisfied with Vapodil. It has eliminated odours, removed grease from sinks, and revived floors (tiles and parquet).

I also removed old traces left by cleaning products.

My commercial premises are now fully maintained with VAPODIL.

Thank you very much.

Isabelle Rosa – Beekeeper


Testimony of RDFI Conseil, a Vapodil customer

Testimony of Christelle Ortiz – company manager

The cleanliness is not felt by the aggressive and chemical smell of the “household” yet I have the chance to evolve in healthy offices that breathe! This ecological cleaning concept respects my values and the health of my employees.

In Lyon on 5/10/2011

I’ve never had so much fun cleaning my toilet…

What happiness, I’m already addicted! I can’t wait to get my Vapodil back on!

After yesterday’s delivery, I was in a hurry to turn on the Vapodil! I wanted to make my cranium by cleaning the air and there … the big water jet on the ceiling! ???? crazy laughing assured with my mom (I said: “ah yes the counselor told me that I would get fooled once!”).

I started with the turn of my tap that I managed to get back as good as new with the hot vinegar, then the turn of my hotplate (yuck what a horror! I was saying but that’s where it all comes from! ????) and mum had a blast doing my complete cooking while I was working! In the evening after work I got my toy and cleaned my playroom … ah what a pleasure to do my little cleaning ! I’ve never taken so much pleasure to clean my toilets ???? ! Too bad I could only do my playroom because a meeting was waiting for me in the evening !

I’m in a hurry to turn it back on!

Thank you for this beautiful discovery and a big thank you, it’s really useful, efficient, I don’t leave it anymore! ????


My impression after cleaning the oven: perfect!

Thank you again for your efficient and pleasant visit: I am so happy with what Vapodil brings me! Your sheet confirms my impression after cleaning the oven: perfect!

I am looking forward to sharing again the excellence of these products and I greet you very cordially.


My wood stove is glowing

Ohhhhh fairy of the household, God created Vapodil for the happiness of housewives! My wood stove is glowing ????


In one word “100% efficient”

The package has already arrived! I haven’t startup it yet, only the broom for my dining room floor, in one word “100% efficient”.

I had already startup the microfibers in the discovery package, so the glove what can I say…. if some people have a smartphone grafted to their hand, I end up with a MESDI glove grafted to my hand so much I can’t do without it anymore, it’s great!

I wish you a nice day.


Finally, nothing but quality!

I did receive my repaired Vapodil back.
Thank you for the speedy repair. I also thank you for considering the device under warranty even though it was 2 days out of date.
Really, I wish you a long professional success. I advertise you …. The quality of your after-sales service gives me one more argument to convince them.
It is also a pleasure to admire the know-how and the tricks of your demonstrator. Finally, nothing but quality!
Sincere greetings.


Vapodil was fun for me


Thank you so much for your time.
I used Vapodil this morning and yes, I can confirm that I had a great time … What a joy to take care of one’s house with this jewel. I am really very happy. Thank you very much!



It’s crazy how much we can do with this device !

We just moved to Belgium. Vapodil has been running non-stop for several days… THANK YOU Vapodil for existing !

It’s crazy how much we can do with this device !

It was just a wink to remind you how remarkable your device is…

Julie E-J.


The Vapodil steam cleaner… I was a bit sceptical… Now I can only say good things about it!

I’m finally taking the time to tell you my impressions of Vapodil. Today I have a bit of hindsight and honestly I’m still as satisfied as ever. It really saves time for all the different jobs.

As far as I’m concerned, my purchase was mainly focused on cleaning my veranda which naturally has a large glass surface and also places not necessarily easy to access at the level of the sliding doors. Vapodil is really a precious help and therefore less tiring.

Vapodil is also very interesting for cleaning the siphons. However, do not forget to close the opening, otherwise the pressure of the jet will throw all the dirt outwards, including on the face.

At the beginning I used to put Vapodil in the basement after use but very quickly I reviewed the layout of my storage cupboards to have Vapodil at hand for maximum use.

I discovered Vapodil (which I didn’t know at all) by searching on the internet in the steam cleaner section. I was a bit sceptical when I read the reviews because I didn ‘ t find any negatives. In my turn I can only say good things about it and I am far from having exploited it completely.

I would also like to add one thing that for me was very important and decisive, it is the possibility to have a demonstration at home. It is still an investment and it is delicate to commit oneself without knowing the equipment. The person came very quickly to the house, gave a real demonstration and answered all the questions we asked him.

Conclusion: Why didn’t I buy it earlier?

I apologize for not having done this mail earlier but I’ve been a bit rushed lately. Thanks again for your kindness.

Agnes S.

Very happy to be one of your customers!

The confidence inspired at first sight by your products is confirmed by the seriousness and efficiency of your work, I must confess. Thank you very much for having readjusted the offer and thank you also for this very well written treatment protocol.

I didn’t expect so much. I hope that I will not fail to give you a feedback even if I already know this positive one.

Thank you again,

Yours sincerely,

David P.


With Vapodil, my housework is much easier !

With Vapodil, my housework is much easier !

Vapodil, has simplified my life, my windows have never been so transparent, a regular maintenance and the sun can flood the house (when there is).

A real pleasure of use, no more scale on the taps, my cooktop is always clean, in a word my kitchen after the passage of the vapodil remains new, simply with steam!

It sanitizes the whole house, the limescale on the walls of the shower has disappeared, I use it more and more, cleaning becomes a pure pleasure for me, and the result is amazing.

Using it regularly means that I spend less time on cleaning. For me this device is efficient, ecological, and very easy to use, I love it and I highly recommend it!
Long live Vapodil


Great !

Great! Efficient and ecological device. No more need for cleaning products.

Sylvie – Bussy Saint-Georges 77.


Miraculous products!

Miraculous products! Cleaning is no longer a chore, and what’s more… it’s environmentally friendly!   To be ordered at the foot of the tree for Christmas.

Corinne – Melun 77.


Great! For an easy and very efficient cleaning

Great! For an easy and very efficient cleaning… And a great disinfectant… The whole house feels very clean after the Vapodil.

Monique – Paris.



Satisfied with my Vapodil that I’ve had for three years.

Françoise – Orléans.


Very nice invention!

Very nice invention! Indispensable… My daughter-in-law takes it from me all the time.

Andrée – Paris


Nothing can resist it!

Stains, grooves, mattresses, grease… Nothing resists. Long live Vapodil and thanks to Carole for this precious advice.

Isabelle, Lille.


What a marvel!

What a marvel to use and what remarkable efficiency! One comes out of it delighted, hands clean and breathing at full lungs … Thank you.

Carole, Simone – Lille


Purchase following the demonstration

Thank you again for your demonstration on Wednesday.
I just wanted to tell you that I’m really pleased with my purchase! I use it every day and I’ve redone everything from floor to ceiling, even the tiles in the kitchen are perfect!
The windows, the kitchen furniture, the toilets, floors and walls, in short, I have regained a taste for cleaning and at least you can see it! It’s practical, fast and efficient!

C. Whelk


Purchase following the demonstration

Thank you again for your demonstration on Wednesday.
I just wanted to tell you that I’m really pleased with my purchase! I use it every day and I’ve redone everything from floor to ceiling, even the tiles in the kitchen are perfect!
The windows, the kitchen furniture, the toilets, floors and walls, in short, I have regained a taste for cleaning and at least you can see it! It’s practical, fast and efficient!

C. Whelk


It’s really great, the result is perfect !

I’m absolutely satisfied with my Vapodil! It’s really great, the result is perfect. I’m thinking of using it in any case. The last day I used it to remove paint stains (with water!!) that had been left on the ceiling for several weeks, as well as traces of glued wallpaper. It all went away like nothing!

We really save time and I find that the cleaning is done more regularly especially for the big things that we tend to delay because of the chore such as the hood or the fridge !!!

With the Vapodil it’s done in record time while being perfectionist because with the jet we go into every nook and cranny!

Now you’ll understand I’m totally converted ! I really don’t regret this purchase.


I can’t do without it anymore. My husband is almost jealous!

I’m sending you this little note to tell you how happy I am with my vapodil. I can’t get enough of it. My husband is almost jealous!

I also wanted to thank you for your availability and your kindness.
I often tell my friends and family that there should be a vapodil in every house.

I will call you in a little while to give you news about my vapodil.

See you soon YG

Mon mari trouve presque du plaisir à faire les vitres !

I’ll get back to you after your mail.
I’m still happy with the Vapodil, it works very well.
My husband almost finds pleasure in making windows. He finds it as easy as anything else. It’s perfect for the whole house.



Vapodil was the solution for me!

I had a big problem with irregular white tiles on the surface which started to get a patina after only one year of laying.

Vapodil was the solution for me!
But I realize that it does a lot of other things too.


A real toy!

I received the vapodil last Tuesday, read the instructions for use and the next day, (not really at dawn), I used it. A real toy! Easy to use, and surprisingly effective.  Clean all the tiles around the sink, furniture, floor. In the early afternoon, entrance door and even carpet.

Yesterday, I also tested it inside the car.  Thank you for introducing me to it. Maybe I’ll still have time to practice more sports !

In case friends are interested, I will contact you.


A real time-saver

A maid: You save time on the glass surfaces, it’s spotless and the walls get dirty less quickly.


Vapodil, that’s my baby.

I can’t do without it anymore. It’s my first purchase that I don’t regret.

Mrs Marie-Louise MESSMER

Magic for places you can’t get to!

Magic for places you can’t get to! Great!


Testimony of a hotel housekeeper

Since I’ve been using Vapodil I don’t have a sore throat or runny nose anymore. It has taken me several months to realize that this has been the case since I have been using Vapodil.
I don’t need any more damaged hand cream since I don’t have my hands in the water anymore. My hands are very soft.


A real joy this little robot

Very good idea to have a small model rebuilt. A real joy this little robot and very faithful and efficient!


Miracle !

I have already used a lot of machines and products. The more I progressed in my discoveries, the more progress I made. But then, VAPODIL came to me!

“MIRACLE! The little guy can do everything that no other machine can do.

Plus, it’s a huge time saver! No more need for products and everything is NICKEL, he’s my greatest friend!

Liliane S.


Me, who thought my house was clean… Well, it isn’t!

Me, who thought my house was clean… Well, it isn’t! It’s a pleasure to clean with VAPODIL.

What’s that for? I don’t get tired and I have a nice result!


Cette démonstration de VAPODIL est convaincante !

This demonstration of VAPODIL is convincing! The floor was clean, the sink and the windows as well as the mirror were shining;

Steam is magical and ecological!


Excellent explanations!

What I find great about Vapodil is that it invites me as often as possible to do what I hate the most, which is dust and glass…

To be able to make this “sacred” dust fall by spraying the living rooms and to be able to make the windows in no time… it’s amazing!

What’s more, the explanations given by the advisors who present it are excellent, done and said with a smile everything becomes possible!



My next challenge, the Vapodil as fast as possible at home!



I’m so happy with what Vapodil brings me!

Dear lady,

Thank you again for your efficient and pleasant visit: I am so happy with what Vapodil brings me!

Your card confirms my impression after cleaning the oven: perfect!

I am looking forward to sharing the excellence of these products with you again, I greet you very cordially,


Guy Lathuraz (2017)

Easy to use, and surprisingly effective.

Hello, Aude,

I received the vapodil last Tuesday, read the instructions for use and the next day, (not really at dawn), I used it. A real toy! Easy to use, and surprisingly effective.  Clean all the tiles around the sink, furniture, floor.  In the early afternoon, entrance door and even carpet. Yesterday, I also tested it inside the car.

Thank you for introducing me to it. Maybe I’ll still have time to practice more sports !  In case friends are interested, I will contact you.

Réjane (2017)

In one word: “awesome”!

There it is, I finally have my own Vapodil and just one word “awesome”! The ease of cleaning is bluffing.

I’ve known the Vapodil for long time thanks to my sister ????. I was able to use it at home when she lent it to me, and I was only waiting for one thing: to finally be able to offer it to me. When I didn’t have it anymore, I missed it and every time I cleaned up, I said to myself “I’m really glad I have mine”.

Now I have mine! And I can already see the difference at home. It’s healthier, the house looks cleaner. Plus, you can do EVERYTHING. No more need of a product for this or another one for that, just my Vapodil with the microfibers and that’s it. It’s really magic! It’s true that it’s an investment but it pays for itself quickly. And the ease of cleaning is great! I have 2 children at home, I can’t afford to take time to do my cleaning. With the Vapodil of 1 it goes fast, and of 2 it’s healthier than household products filled with chemicals. Thank you Aude for discovering it for me.

The garden lounge too

Hello !

I’m a recent Vapodil user. I want to share with you my nice surprise when I asked myself: can Vapodil recover my teak garden lounge “grayed out” by the bad weather?

Honestly I doubted it, but I tried… The photo speaks for itself… Morality: let’s not underestimate Vapodil’s capabilities!

Have a nice day 🙂



Your device is simply extraordinary.

My dearest laughed at me at first… but I knew that.Then he quickly asked questions and found uses for it in his daily life.

And now I’m just saying: Well done! Convincing men is Everest!

I continue, I’m having fun.

Martine L.

A company close to its customers

I did get my Vapodil. It’s working very well. Thank you very much for your quick delivery. I already received my order about one week before. A company that is close to its customers like yours is quite rare these days and so appreciative.

Agnes S. (Haute-Marne) – 03/08/2018

Everything shines like the first day in my bathroom which is 25 years old !!!

This morning’s the big day! First release of my VAPODIL !!!
Spring cleaning in my bathroom in addition with the sun so window wide open ! Needless to say that I made great discoveries !!! I thought this bathroom was clean ! I had to face the fact that there was dirt hidden everywhere. (Yet regularly maintained) I started with this room all tiled so without risk for a first take in hand of this new powerful device, but finally of a great facility. I am delighted with the result.
Everything shines like the first day in my bathroom which is 25 years old !!!

Françoise M. (Loire Valley)

Steam cleaning with Vapodil: a revolution!

I take the time this morning to make an update on the Vapodil sold by Aude.
Manager of a Hammam, demanding and regularly annoyed by the worries of limestone and humidity, grease in the treatment rooms, 2 hours of daily cleaning for the team, dozens of detergent products, bactericides, fungicides as toxic as each other, a real chore!

Then, thanks to Aude, I discovered steam cleaning!

A revolution, as much for limescale as for deep cleaning, disinfection, windows, toilets, oily floors. In short, everything is done now. The whole team has adopted the Vapodil as well as its adviser !

No more need to scrub for hours on end, so I also fell for the same device at home, as well as the telescopic broom ! The devices are as sharp as the precious advice !

As far as home is concerned, everything is there as well ! Bathtub, sink, oven, bedrooms, toilet, car, rims, mechanical parts etc. !

A real pleasure! An efficient device light little powerful !

Thank you Aude for your precious advices and for your professionalism !  See you soon

Marie (38200 Vienna)

Doing the housework differently or how to unite your loved ones!

I took the Vapodil back when I came back from vacation and at the end of the heat wave episode and I’m glad I did.

Of course, I’m not yet at the end of my pains of the first “de-fouling” but the progress in terms of cleanliness can already be seen, and has convinced my man (a bit reluctant at first in front of what he called my “electric train”). My daughter did not fail to persevere when she said that we were not in the hospital and that “it doesn’t have to be so clean”, but she added jokingly, “will you leave it to me in the inheritance? She’s 20 years old and we can say that cleaning is the least of her worries, since she doesn’t do a lot of it !

However, she was totally seduced by the exfoliating glove : taking care of her complexion is more her cup of tea ! So really, I would like to buy a second one !!! She’s always stealing it from me…

Here’s Odile, I won’t say that I’m rushing to do the cleaning, but in any case it changes it completely !

Sophie R. (Strasbourg)

Perfect for nurseries!

Carrying out a study on a “healthy cleaning” project for our childcare centres, I received Lydia (counsellor Vapodil), for a demonstration, at Eymoutiers in Limousin. And what a meeting! Just like Marie Paule and Séverine, cleaning agents, I was seduced by the equipment. It is very small, easy to handle and does fantastic things! An ecological cleaning method, which eliminates toxic cleaning products and offers simple and effective cleaning, that’s exactly what we are looking for. Vapodil takes care of toddlers, educational staff and cleaning agents. We validate and the Community of Communes does not hesitate to equip the 2 crèches. Mission accomplished!

A steam cleaner that guarantees cleanliness and healthy hygiene, the idea appeals to me for my home… I had a real crush during Lydia’s demonstration and in a few days I am also personally equipped. I discover every day the joys of Vapodil and I was amazed by the results: kitchen furniture, hood, sofa, fridge, mattress, tiles…everything is there. Cleaning is simplified and above all efficient, without using any household products. I am totally satisfied with my new companion and proud of my gesture for the environment. I am still far from having exploited all the capabilities of the Vapodil (at the same time it does so many things, I am not at the end of my surprises), but I know that Lydia is still available to answer my questions and give me tips.

I can only advise her to daycare managers, of course, but also to all of you…

I’m simply amazed by the ease of use !

I’m simply amazed by the ease of use, the little effort and the rendering that is beyond my expectations.With my Vapodil received quickly after my order, I have already cleaned several places in the house (revived my white leather sofas, cleaned my floor cushions and those of the sofas, cleaned my oven, cleaned my aluminium credenza, cleaned the aluminium hood, cleaned the solid wood floor, cleaned the tile joints in the kitchen) and all this in record time.  So yes, I’m repeating myself, but I’m simply bluffed !!! As a result, Sandrine our cleaning lady is really looking forward to using it !

Nathalie (Fontenay-aux-roses – 92)

The result is like the beams have been waxed!

I used Vapodil to clean the French ceilings at my mother’s house, ceilings made of beautiful oak beams that are very difficult to clean. I first sprayed the steam from above to bring down the dust and it worked beyond my expectations. Then with the telescopic broom, I wiped the beams and the spaces between each beam. The result is like the beams have been waxed!

My living room and dining room furniture is made of rough wood. I never wanted to wax or varnish them. As soon as I got my Vapodil, I simply brushed the wood with a microfiber brush, which allowed me to smooth the wood and remove all the stains. Now all I have to do is spray the furniture and wipe it clean. The result is perfect. The surface of the furniture is smooth and shiny.


Vapodil allows me to ensure the safety of my patients…

Thank you for your email. Having problems with my mailbox for several days, I allow myself to answer you by message. I have received the notes from Vapodil concerning COVID-19 and I was relieved to have it because I was unable to order hydroalcoholic gel to clean the surfaces between each patient, as well as my equipment.
Vapodil allowed me to ensure the safety of my patients as well as my own. I know that I can safely welcome patients back as soon as the government gives us permission to do so. Thanks to Vapodil.

Raphaëlle – Physiotherapist

From floor to ceiling, everything goes!

The Vapodil!?

I hesitated a little before deciding to buy it for many reasons: its cost, my age (I am a “confirmed” granny, I will be 73 years old), my needs…

Then, after a real demonstration at my home, one day of cleaning chores, bent in half to make the bathtub shine, I told myself that… if I had the famous magic “toy” from Lætitia, I would probably have much less trouble to stand up !

And suddenly all my prejudices were gone. My decision was made, I was ready to equip myself and transform myself into a “happy” housewife !

Since then, a few weeks ago, I have been very happy with my acquisition. It’s a great companion, a new way of doing daily housecleaning, but each time ” in large ” and without much effort.

From the kettle, to the cupboard shelves, to the kitchen units, to the tartarized shower cubicle, to the carpets… in short, from floor to ceiling, everything goes through it! It’s VAPODIL!

I do not hesitate to use it even if only for the floor … for a very specific purpose … but once it is plugged in, ready to operate, I see so many places to “vaporize” before attacking the floor … that the tank is already empty!!

Cleaning ? A real pleasure ! It’s almost become child’s play.  Thanks to Laetitia for discovering it.

Jeanine – Chanteloup-les-Vignes (78570)

A new ” adept ” 100% satisfied!

A big thank you to Lydia and the VAPODIL team for its coaching in the discovery of Vapodil. I am a new and 100% satisfied fan!

During the confinement, Lydia was able to answer my questions, reassure me. We exchanged by phone, by videoconference and she organized the delivery of my VAPODIL so that I have it as soon as possible despite the supply difficulties.

And finally, at the exit of the confinement, Lydia came to give me a small demonstration to explain me the best gestures and the best techniques for an optimal use of the VAPODIL.

VAPODIL accompanies me everywhere in my cleaning days at LAGON PARADIS

Everything goes through : household appliances, bathroom, floor, bedding, curtains, barbecue, … with VAPODIL disinfection and cleaning are now one, which reassures my customers!

Thanks again for everything,

Magalie D. – LAGON PARADIS (Guadeloupe) – June 2020

My ode to Vapodil!

So on All Saints’ Day,
With my Vapodil in my hand
I’ve done more than one test.
Rather clever converted test
For a “healthy” operation.
The supreme kiff… The radiators!!
And then I thought of you 😉
The foot !!!
Fast, simple, efficient…

Well, I still have a lot of things to try and I think I’ll learn more with Mrs. Noël who’s coming soon to do a demo at my place.
But already, I’ve already gotten through, without any effort, many stubborn stains rubbed with bleach for a mediocre result on the shower’s windows.
It’s magical!
Thank you Constance for this convincing presentation of Vapodil.
To try it is to adopt it ????
I am conquered and Jérôme is also satisfied!
We’re going to vaporize to the max!

Signed, a conquered user!

Two Alsatian girls, fans of the Vapo’!

What a contraption this Vapodil! Light, practical, efficient.
Once you start using it, you can’t stop!
Every nook and cranny is clean. You can see and feel it!
I was convinced from the demo, I tell all my friends about it …

Martine – HOEHNEIM (Bas-Rhin)
January 2019


More than satisfied for Mrs. Disaster!

  • Candles poured on the plaster of the fireplace, no problem… Vapodil is here !
  • Chocolate-stained kitchen ceiling and wall, no problem Vapodil is still there !

What happiness this device!

Nathalie – Mundolsheim (Bas-Rhin)
January 2019

The Vapodil? Even our teenagers are getting into it!

We discover the joys of the Vapodil we recently bought. Fantastic!
“Vapodiler” has become a commonly used term in a few days, even our teenagers are getting into it!
And the house… lives it pretty well !!! 😉

Cyrille C. (Alsace)

When Vapodil takes care of butterflies!

For this new season at the “Jardins des Papillons”, I bought a Vapodil for the big cleaning before opening, it facilitated the work of the whole team. Whether it was for the moulds and windows of the greenhouse that remained closed all winter, the disinfection of the hatchery and terrariums, the cleaning of carpets and floors, the toilets and toilet bowls, the fridges and freezers, the curtains of the entrance (non-exhaustive list)! Everything is taken care of.  The work has been simplified and efficient. The size and weight of the device make it easy to use, even at height. The team really appreciates it, and it even needs to be planned for use.  I’m really satisfied with my investment, it’s ecological, water-saving and super powerful.

Béatrice – Jardin des Papillons ???? à Hunawihr (68)

Everything shines like the first day in my bathroom which is 25 years old !!!

This morning the big day! First outing of my VAPODIL !!!
Spring cleaning in my bathroom in addition with the sun so window wide open ! Needless to say that I made great discoveries !!! I thought this bathroom was clean ! I had to face the fact that there was dirt hidden everywhere. (Yet regularly maintained) I started with this room all tiled so without risk for a first take in hand of this new powerful device, but finally of a great facility. I am glad of the result.
Everything shines like the first day in my bathroom which is 25 years old !!!

Françoise M. (Loire Valley)


Awesome! Household that weighs less, no more toxic chemicals for my health.


Jocelyne – Paris.
Very small but super powerful!

Spring is fast approaching and so is the cleaning that goes with it.

But right now, I’m going to try everything with my super Vapodil (very small but super powerful!).



I have to admit I did have fun!

I tested the Vapodil on Thursday night. I was surprised that you said “have fun! “but I must admit I did have fun!

And Raphaël is testing it right now for the toilets, it’s impressive! I’ll let you know what happens next…


I’m so glad!

I wanted to thank you for the time you spent on this Vapodil demonstration.

I am glad of my equipment which allows me to clean my entire house and more specifically to clean it thoroughly after renovation work.


A convinced skeptic!

I must admit, at the beginning I was skeptical about the idea of using VAPODIL every day. Then, during 15 days, we alternated the use of Vapodil and our usual products … and then, in the end, we put them all back in the garage! Today, I assure you that there is only VAPODIL and its microfibers on our carts!

It’s great for bedding, it’s fast and it eliminates perfectly the odours in the bedrooms (cigarette, perfume…). The volume of the tank is great! I can make up to 7 bedrooms with a full tank of water!

On my complicated floors of disabled rooms, the steam + the white stone cream saved me time and a lot of energy for a top result!

It’s a really good system, I’m very satisfied and I won’t go back! When customers see it and ask me what it is, I tell them it’s my new toy! I’m even thinking of getting one for the house later this year!

Marie, Lac’Hôtel (01)
Febuary 2019

With vapodil, it’s easy!

I tried the Vapodil as soon as I bought it for dust (including radiators) and for the floor. It’s great. Tonight, I made my windows in record time and they are shiny. It’s great. I also tested the lacquered doors in the fitted kitchen: they’re as good as new and shiny.

With vapodil, it’s easy!

Thank you for discovering this amazing product.


Céline – Val de Loire
The Vapodil, a truly extraordinary tool!

Thank you for this discovery, it’s really a toy! I like my house to be clean, but I can’t allow myself to spend 3 hours cleaning it.
The Vapodil is really an extraordinary tool that saves us time and at the moment, it is priceless!
It makes me want to clean places that I rarely clean (dust on top of furniture for example).
Doing the tiles is a real pleasure, washing the hood without being bothered by the smell of products that prevents you from breathing.
It’s both a precious time saving and an investment for your health.
With a 19 month old baby, I’m running away from dangerous products. The Vapodil is THE solution.
Many thanks again.

Our cleaning agent uses Vapodil on a daily basis!

I want to tell you that we are very satisfied with Vapodil. It is used on a daily basis. Our cleaning agent became familiar with the device very quickly and got rid of her household bucket and all the products she used before from the very first days of use


F.B, Director of the Family Care Service

City of Bischheim (Alsace)

No more nightmares for me!

Will the Vapodil be for us? No more grease marks on stainless steel and floors? Then that’s the end of the nightmare for me!

The heart’s cry of a cleaning lady working in a high-rise building in the La Defense district of Paris…

Very happy with the result!

I would like to thank you for insisting on the number of microfibres to be purchased. The first apartments were cleaned and indeed the number was perfect. We are very happy with the result and the Vapodil.

Céline Marquis
Briance Paris
(Professional cleaning company)


What a joy to have a Vapodil !

Yesterday, with great joy, we received our Vapodil. How unpleasant it is now not to have it! And what a difference in cleaning, how different the air is, etc., etc., etc..

In short, what a joy it is to have a Vapodil!

Anyone who doesn’t have one can’t realize how precious this steam cleaner is.

Anne and Françoise (Belgium)


An incredible result on my 140-year-old tiles!

What struck me most about the regular use of Vapodil was not the “dirt” I removed the first time, I expected it. In particular, on my 140-year-old tiles… No, what amazed me was the second time I used it: I removed even more, as if the first time it had roughened up the work and prepared the real cleaning! My tiles are gradually getting lighter, but we’re going slowly though because the joints are out of age, we have to take care of them.

Otherwise, in the fight against the various “bedbugs” which the south is experiencing a real infestation this year, it’s absolutely fantastic!

I also cleaned a very old wooden chest of drawers that had been attacked by wood bugs, which I was able to do after an organic treatment that should be effective, since all the insects had been dislodged.

We even cleaned the filter on the mosquito killer and the mosquito nets on the windows.

In any case, no more use of household products, it’s really good, the house has changed its smell, but the best part is no more bucket of water to carry around !


Vapodil changed my life !

A little word for you because I had the opportunity to work for the first time yesterday with a Vapodil at the “Bon Pasteur de l’Orangerie” nursery where I currently work. And I have to say that after the series of mops that didn’t hold up in the first days, Vapodil changed my life and that’s true too!  10x more efficient, fast and clean!  I had the impression to transform myself into a little cleaning fairy and the result is pleasing and moreover, it’s good for the planet. So there you have it, you’ve got some convincing news! And thank you for having created this little jewel which is very useful.

Lise O. (Strasbourg)


Such professionalism is not encountered every day !

For some time, having watched a TV show about the Hotel Crillon, I have wanted to buy the Vapodil. To do so, one of your advisors, Mrs. Isabelle Canivet, came to my home to give me a demonstration of the product.

This person was very sympathetic and sincere in her approach, with her skills and know-how, she immediately knew how to make me discover your product, highlighting it, without ever forcing me to sell, which I appreciated a lot. I made an order and to my great surprise the next day I already received the packages.

In the meantime, Isabelle Canivet made herself available to come and do the startup for me. However this start-up was somewhat interrupted because unfortunately the push button of the gun had been mounted upside down at the factory and we could not fix the accessories at the end of the gun. (short and long sprayer).On the advice of Mrs. Canivet I called your after-sales service and I had a very kind person on the phone who told me how to remedy this problem. In a few minutes it was solved. A few days later, as compensation for this hazard I received two small brushes in my mailbox.

Following this repair Isabelle Canivet came back again for the startup.This startup was very fruitful because your adviser familiarized me with the Vapodil and showed me some tricks to allow me to take full advantage of it. She was able to take her time to explain to me and be patient so that I could take notes! Bravo!

I want you to know that I am very satisfied with both the product sold and the staff that I had the opportunity to see or hear on the phone.

At the moment, such professionalism is not encountered every day. Thanks to all of you and let’s go and enjoy the Vapodil! I will not hesitate to make people talk about you around me and contact Isabelle Canivet again to make a new sale. Mme C.