Goodbye mites, bed bugs and other germs

Did you know that a 140 m2 house generates 20 kilos of dust per year? Dust mites live in the dust, and they are responsible of approximately 45% of allergies. All houses, even the cleanest, host these microscopic little animals that are particularly fond of cosy places.

Can we get rid of them?

The answer is yes!

Mites, which feed on dead skin cells, can be thousands colonizing mattresses, armchairs, plush toys, bedding, sofas, carpets, rugs or curtains in your home. They only live for 2 or 3 months, but reproduce very quickly as soon as they find suitable conditions: a humidity level between 65 and 80 % and a temperature between 20 and 30 °C.

Allergic symptoms (sneezing, itching, respiratory and sleep disorders, skin diseases, eye damage, asthma) are caused by the debris of dead dust mites and their faeces, which spread throughout the house with hot air flows (when you vacuum for instance).

Dust mites love humidity and hot air circulation. Very often, thinking we are doing the right thing, we use devices, products or processes that only accelerate their proliferation. It is what conventional steam cleaners do: hot humid steam does not destroy dust mite allergens, and the water runoff increases the moisture these small parasites enjoy. Vacuuming the mattresses or the couch? Bad idea. At best, it only sucks in 10% of the accumulated mites. In addition, your vacuum cleaner must have a very high efficiency on airborne particles to avoid sending the dust mites back in the air. Maintenance and cleaning products guaranteed “anti dust mites”? There is no need to invest in all these so-called anti-allergic references, a major market for industrials. These products rarely prove their worth over time and they pollute your home with chemical components. As for the dust suppressants in bombs and other detergents, they only aggravate allergic symptoms.

Now, the NVS Vapodil.

Why do the dust mites die wherever it goes? Because the dry steam flow it generates eliminates, in only one passage, all larvae and adults. It is a fluid without runoff that easily penetrates the fibres, dislodges and destroys the parasites, thanks to its temperature: steam is injected deeply into of the fabrics and the residues are captured and removed by the microfiber cloths fixed on the suited brush. It is proven by laboratory and on-site tests: dry steam kills the mites on and inside mattresses and furniture fabrics. Thanks to its high temperature, NVS Vapodil also instantly eliminates insect eggs and larvae, especially bed bug eggs.

The Vapodil DSC is the technological and ecological solution you need for the elimination of dust mites and other microbes! It doesn’t require any chemical product and is 100% ecological.

Additionally, if some people are allergic to dust mites in your home, you can also ensure you follow some simple rules: wash your sheets regularly at the highest allowed temperature, store your clothes in a cupboard, place the plush toys one night a month in the freezer, wrapped in a plastic bag (this process kills the dust mites), set your radiators thermostat to 18 or 19 degrees maximum in the bedrooms.