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Vapodil : a complete cleaning solution!

The Vapodil cleaning solution is composed of four main elements :

  • the  Dry Steam Cleaner;
  • the Accessories;
  • the Microfiber Cloths;
  • the Training. 

Each of them has a very specific function to ensure you an efficient, effective and optimal cleaning.

DSC: for degreasing and disinfecting

The dry steam cleaner is obviously the most important part of the system. Sent at very high pressure into the deepest asperities of the fabric, the 120°C dry steam acts like a fluid that easily penetrates the fibres and removes the impurities and the dirt from all textiles, armchairs, curtains, carpets, rugs. Used without any maintenance products, Vapodil also deeply degreases ovens, hoods, hobs and worktops, as well as all surfaces soiled by grease and biofilm. The biocidal properties of the steam temperature ensure excellent disinfection and elimination results for microorganisms and other bacteria. Your sanitary facilities are thoroughly disinfected; as for your refrigerators, freezers or knives, they benefit from real thermal disinfection. By the removing biofilm, Vapodil also eliminates the risk of bacterial resistance. Acting as a disinfectant and natural degreaser, DSC kills germs, dissolves fats and disinfects without chemistry, danger or water runoff.

Accessories: for cleansing and remove stains

The accessories associated with the DSC have been carefully designed and developed to offer optimal ergonomics: a pistol with a soft handle to avoid blisters, extenders with the right lengths to keep the back straight, brushes designed to rub and work instead of your muscles. There is no effort required. But most importantly, every accessory has a specific use according to the task to be performed. Their role: to cleanse and detach all surfaces, even the most soiled, even the least accessible ones. Used alone, the sprayer is ideal for cleaning the joints, the radiators or the water drains: it can be used in all hard-to-reach areas. Combined with various small round or triangular brushes, it cleans up deposits or incrustations that are difficult to remove: in rounded areas, corners or toilet bowls. As for the large brushes, which fit on the elbow of an extender or directly on the Vapodil gun, they are very efficient with mops or microfibre cloths to remove dirt from floors, mattresses, walls, ceilings or to clean heavily soiled work surfaces, baths, showers or windows. Vapodil accessories avoid rubbing, they detach and remove effortless!

 Microfiber cloths: for Dusting and Removing Dust

The Vapodil microfiber cloths benefit from a specific weaving of two polymers: polyester (which attracts fat without dropping it), and polyamide (whose affinity with water makes it capture liquids and the fat in it). This highly technical weaving guarantees an exceptional absorption capacity: 50 times smaller than a cotton fibre, the Vapodil microfiber cloths effectively capture dirt in the smallest spaces and have a very important absorbing capacity. Suited on a suitable brush, the microfiber cloths remove the soiled residues, the dirt and the grease, in one pass, without re-depositing it, without leaving any traces. In addition to these cleaning capacities, they have also great dusting qualities. Used without water, the friction effect will cause the Vapodil microfiber cloths to charge positively (+) and attract dust that is negatively charged (-) by retaining the particles trapped in their fibres. It guarantees a very effective dust removal, even on static charged surfaces such as TV screens. They dust and remove the traces, for a perfect cleanliness, without frustration, disappointment, traces, water and without using cleaning products!

Personal training: to discover and multiply!

The personalized training is a full part of the Vapodil solution and of the overall “package”. Before you purchase, and without a purchase commitment, a Vapodil advisor comes over to your place, in your environment, and offers you 1h30 of free, one-to-one demonstration: an initial training to get you acquainted with the product so you can use it at its best. It is a great opportunity to discover this cleaning solution that will change the way you see the household and to learn how to make a perfect use of it. At Vapodil, we believe that this transmission of skills is an additional guarantee of efficiency, because each interior is specific. Everyone has different types of tiles, chairs, curtains or carpets. Your advisor, who has always been a user, knows it and will guide you to use all the DSC resources, as well as its accessories and microfiber cloths. This way, you will use it right immediately. There is no point in having the most efficient solution if you don’t use it correctly! And the support does not stop with this initial training: the Vapodil solution includes as well a local follow-up: your advisor will take news from you, answer all your questions and share with you, regularly, via the Vapodil pages on the social networks, information, tips and tricks on how to use the full potential of this cleaning solution. You enter a human community where we share knowledge and values. We wouldn’t be surprised if you became yourself a counselor, as many of our Vapodil customers.