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Yes, Vapodil and I are taking it easy!

Vapodil is high technology at the service of your well-being. This innovative, highly ergonomic cleaning solution not only removes traces and dust quickly, but also provides a highly ergonomic solution. It also eliminates the fatigue, tension, allergies and frustration that can be felt when you finish cleaning. Adopting Vapodil means first of all taking it easy!


  • It’s fast!

1 hour of classic cleaning takes 20 minutes with Vapodil

By simply passing steam through the surface to be cleaned, NVS Vapodil removes the most stubborn dirt. A steam set at arm’s length, a single passage of microfiber cloths, and that’s it. No need to rub, the steam does all the work. Moreover, since we disinfect and clean in a single pass – at the same time – working time is necessarily reduced. Then, the household is faster and faster: as dry steam reduces surface fouling, the frequency of some cleaning operations can be quickly reduced. Basically, the more you use Vapodil, the less time the household lasts and the longer the cleanliness lasts!


  • It’s effective!

With Vapodil, there is no trace left… or frustration!

In a classic household, you’re never really done. Everything is always to be repeated, and in the end, we are invariably disappointed. There are always traces on windows, doors or mirrors. There are always dust particles on furniture, hoods or TV screens, small stains on carpets or sofas. With Vapodil and its microfiber cloths: you spray, you wipe the cloth. And that’s all. The traces can’t resist it. The pressure of the jet vigorously removes dust or dirt without effort. By orienting the sprayer tip parallel to the fabric, you remove the stains thanks to this steam force, instead of incrusting them by rubbing them with a sponge for example. Thanks to the combination of steam, diffused at an ideal temperature and pressure (120°C, 4 bars of pressure), and microfiber cloths with specific weaving, a single pass is sufficient, for results considered much better than those of a traditional household by users. Energy saving, efficiency, cleanliness. And satisfaction!


  • It’s ergonomic!

With Vapodil, you don’t get tired anymore!

It is no coincidence that Vapodil is considered by professionals to be the most compact and ergonomic dry steam cleaner of its generation. In R&D, particular care has been taken during its development to eliminate tensions, constraining postures and fatigue. Popular in the hotel sector in particular, it prevents and reduces MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) by reducing repetitive movements and painful postures. You experience it at home: you don’t bend down because you stand up all the way through the household, you don’t carry anything heavy, you don’t rub, you move easily. Compact, lightweight (3.6 kilos, a record!), easy to use, very handy due to its small size, the NSV Vapodil can be used anywhere and at any time, without effort, without tension, without risk of fatigue and in complete safety.


  • It’s healthy!

With Vapodil, you keep yourself healthy!

A true substitute for traditional solvents, the Vapodil solution is 100% ecological and healthy, since it does not require any household cleaning products. Dust, it should be remembered, is the most visible pollutant in our interiors because VOCs agglomerate there. These Volatile Organic Compounds are used in many processes as degreasers, solvents and cleaning agents. Dry steam technology guarantees “VOC-free cleaning. It allows cleaning and sanitizing without using any chemistry, thus helping to reduce the impact of VOCs on our health and environment. No more harmful products – one for each surface, and no more! No more allergies! And the Vapodil solution also acts as a natural air purifier.

  • It’s anti-allergenic!

The Vapodil version of the household: a blessing for allergy sufferers!

The Vapodil solution is the assurance of naturally getting rid of allergenic agents present in its interior. Thanks to its very high temperature, 120°C at the outlet of the accessory, the dry steam easily penetrates the fibers, dislodges and instantly kills dust mites and other germs on your pillows, mattresses, carpets and curtains, with the added advantage of not getting them wet. It also eliminates microorganisms, reduces allergies related to cleaning chemicals and dust, and does not generate any bacterial resistance. People allergic to dust mites, dust and certain cleaning products are immediately relieved by using Vapodil!


  • It’s convenient!

With Vapodil, forget the back and forth to the sink and the damaged hands!

Beyond all its health benefits, Vapodil offers you a whole series of collateral benefits related to its technology. First, you significantly reduce your trips during cleaning: since you no longer need hot water, you no longer carry buckets, you avoid going back and forth to the sink to rinse your mops, sponges and other cloths. Less steps… and less dirt: you never have your hands in the water, and therefore never in the dirt. The result: no more chapping, no more need for creams to soften your hands damaged by detergents. And no noise pollution: as it does not use any suction function, Vapodil generates a very low noise level. Add to that the ease of use, handling and ergonomics of Vapodil, and you can clean up in heels and suit if you want!


  • It’s secure!

With Vapodil, cleaning is easy as child’s play

The superheated steam that comes out of your NVS Vapodil is dry steam. It contains no liquid molecules, only water molecules in a gaseous state. Containing less than 7% water, it is absolutely safe: it can be touched 2 cm from the nozzle outlet with no risk of burning. No protective equipment is necessary, especially since Vapodil cleaning does not use any toxic products and does not cause any risk of allergy. To finish reassuring you, know that you systematically benefit from a tailor-made support, before purchase: a Vapodil advisor goes to your home and offers you 1h30 of free one-to-one demonstration to get to know the product. These advisors were once in your position as a client, so they are experienced and fully understand your concerns. This is the whole point of the Vapodil system’s approach to the living transmission of skills!