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Yes, you’ll love cleaning up!

There are several reasons why we don’t like cleaning. First of all, it’s physical and laborious. One wonders how millennia of various technologies, which have generally promoted human well-being and comfort, have never really succeeded in replacing the ancestral elbow oil and making cleaning a quick, pleasant and effortless activity. Then it’s time consuming. In a world where everything is accelerating, we are obviously all the more reluctant to devote precious time to this household task as we could dedicate to our leisure activities or… to do nothing.

A never-ending task

But if you don’t like cleaning, it’s also because it’s a particularly frustrating job. We’re never really done. Everything is always to be repeated, and in the end, we are invariably disappointed. There are always traces on windows, doors or mirrors. There are always dust particles on furniture, hoods or TV screens, small stains on curtains, carpets or sofas.

Vapodil considerably reduces the effort

Vapodil is high technology at the service of your well-being. This innovative cleaning solution not only removes traces and dust. It also helps to eliminate your fatigue and frustration!

Let’s start with the traces that remain on surfaces after cleaning

You will be surprised: do you know that they come essentially from the products that are supposed to get rid of them? The cause? Paraffin oil, the fat found in most cleaning products, especially those that “smell good clean”, according to the marketing promise. No, the clean one doesn’t smell. The smell of clean comes from the paraffin fat, which sticks, and on which dust and dirt clump. Unless you pass several times in the same place, use more hot water than you need, rub and rub again, with a correct cloth (which itself is not greasy), it is difficult to get rid of it.

With Vapodil and its microfibres: you spray, you wipe the cloth. And that’s all. The traces can’t resist it. Thanks to the combination of steam, diffused at an ideal temperature and pressure, and microfibres with a specific weave, a single pass is sufficient. Saving time, energy, efficiency, cleanliness. And satisfaction!

Are we talking about dust?

Of all these fine particles that accumulate in the nooks and crannies, that dance in the rays of light and seem to taunt us when we have spent two hours tracking them down? Most of the time, we just move it around: we finish cleaning the TV screen and here we are back with our backs turned. The culprits, here too, are the ones who were supposed to help us: rags and other wipes that are not made to completely catch the dust. Worse: sometimes old cotton sheets are used, which deposit more dust than they remove.

Thanks to its dry steam technology, NVS Vapodil dislodges dust from all its hiding places and prevents it from spinning further. The microfibers then only need to do their capture work: they trap the dust in their fibres.

You can’t believe it: you’re starting to love cleaning

The only thing you risk is being addicted or your partner depriving you of your pleasure…

Your home is clean and healthy. On the inside, you feel good. It’s better than before: it’s faster, effortless, tension-free, more efficient, more pleasant.