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Yes, Vapodil saves your energies!

How do you feel towards the household? This is the question our advisors ask you when they meet you. The answers: it’s painful, it takes time, it requires a lot of water, I use a different product for each surface and I inhale too many chemicals. With Vapodil, it’s ergonomic, light, efficient, fast, ecological. Besides, it’s economical. Do you know how much?

Water savings

The Vapodil solution allows deep cleaning and disinfection, using a minimum quantity of water: 1 liter compared to the 30 to 50 liters of hot water needed for a traditional household, where you sometimes go several times to the same place, where you constantly rinse sponges and mops.

With Vapodil, 1 liter of water in the device is sufficient to produce continuous steam at 120°C at the outlet of the accessory, guaranteed without runoff, for more than an hour of autonomy.

With Vapodil, a fast and efficient solution (in one pass, you disinfect and remove scale), 1 liter of water is enough to clean 200 m2 of floor or a complete car, inside and outside, including rims.

⇒ Download our infographic : Vapodil preserves your water capital

Gas and electricity savings

A traditional household raises the question of the thermal issue: we consume a lot of hot water, and the water heater, electric or gas, runs at full capacity. With Vapodil, the water heater is no longer used for cleaning.

As for your electricity consumption, it will cost you less than that of your coffee maker. The optimized efficiency of the Vapodil process allows to obtain an excellent quality steam by minimizing the electrical energy required for this production. This performance is based on the quality of the materials – and in particular the stainless-steel tank, which keeps the heat – the pressure switch, the resistance and the heat storage chamber inside the tank.

Any numbers? The NVS Vapodil consumes 1200 W during the first 5 minutes of heating, then on average 500 W, so very little.

This technology also guarantees robustness and durability of the device, due to its low power consumption.

⇒ Download our infographic : Comparison of electricity consumption

Savings in cleaning products

Where traditional washing uses a series of detergents, sponges and mops that often carry micro-organisms, the dry steam, projected 1 cm from the surface, degreases and cleans without leaving any traces. With the Vapodil solution, there is no need to invest in the purchase of unsustainable products: bottles and cans of household products (harmful to health), mops, sponges or wipes that remove dust, are disposable, often ineffective and have a limited lifespan. By avoiding all these products, you limit waste, reduce the volume of your waste and save on your maintenance budget.

Saving time

This is confirmed by users: 1 hour of classic cleaning is 20 minutes with Vapodil, for superior efficiency. In a single pass, you disinfect and clean thoroughly: the simplicity of use added to the performance (cleaning and disinfection at the same time) necessarily reduces working time. But that’s not all: given the reduction in surface fouling caused by dry steam, the frequency of some cleaning operations can be gradually reduced. Saving time, comfort of use, efficiency over time: the more you use Vapodil, the less time the household lasts and the longer the cleanliness is durable.

Savings in physical effort

By simply sweeping over the surface to be cleaned or the fabric to be removed, NVS Vapodil allows you to remove the most stubborn dirt. A steam set at arm’s length, a single passage of microfiber cloths, and that’s it. No need to rub, the steam does all the work! Considered the most compact and ergonomic professional dry steam cleaner of its generation, Vapodil has been designed to eliminate tensions, repetitive gestures and awkward postures in the user. You don’t carry anything heavy, you don’t bend down, you don’t rub. Compact, lightweight (it weighs only 3.6 kg), very handy due to its small size, the NSV Vapodil can be used anywhere and at any time, without effort and without risk of fatigue.

Noise saving

Vapodil generates a very low noise level because there is no suction action. Noise pollution avoided!