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Find, from this table of contents, all our answers to your questions about the Vapodil Dry Steam Cleaning solution:

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  • The NVS Vapodil solution
  • Technical issues
  • Practical uses
  • Terms of purchase and financing


Contact us via
– our contact form
– by phone + 33 3 88 18 21 40
– See also the list of our Vapodil representatives in Europe and worldwide

For any questions related to after-sales service, please contact us via our after-sales form: https://www.vapodil.com/sav


By contacting one of our eco-advisors who will either offer to come to your home (in compliance with current health regulations) or invite you to a demonstration at their home.
To make an appointment, please complete our contact form or call us on (+33) 3 88 18 21 40

Contact us via our contact form: https://www.vapodil.com/contact/ and describe your request in the “your message” section

The NVS Vapodil solution

The Elite Pack contains more Microfibres (MFV) including a batch of MFV ideal for daily use (just use with water) + a sink mat + 1 double sided Crystal glove + the long Sprayer + the VAPO’basket + the apron and the pitcher

The NVS Pro is designed for prolonged use of more than 4 hours per day, intensively and every day.

Vapodil is for anyone who wants an effective solution to clean up after themselves, whether in a professional or personal setting!

1 Sprayer, 2 small round brushes, 1 small triangular brush, 1 medium round brush, 1 large triangular brush, 1 large rectangular brush, 2 extensions, 1 funnel

Only Vapodil brand accessories are compatible with the NVS.
NB: the extendable aluminium broom is not attached to the NVS but is a complementary accessory to the Vapodil solution, useful for all types of cleaning.

In all the equipment: 1 Sprayer, 2 small round brushes, 1 small triangular brush, 1 medium round brush, 2 extensions, 1 funnel

In the Comfort packs, in addition to the standard equipment: 1 large triangular brush and its elbow

In the Elite packs, in addition to the standard equipment: 1 large triangular brush and its elbow, 1 long sprayer, 1 pitcher

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Yes, as a private individual, it is possible to acquire an NVS PRO. For this purpose, we will draw up a quote on simple request via the contact form. Remember to describe your needs precisely.


It is not the colours that differentiate the MFVs but the different textures. The thin MFVs (Crystal) for a finishing wipe, the squares and gloves (thicker) for universal use, especially for greasy surfaces. The colour red can be used as a special sanitary colour code.

  • Special weave thanks to capillary technology between polyester and polyamide
  • Exclusive weave, no crossing of threads
  • High absorption capacity due to exceptional density, without redepositing dirt`
  • Ecological and cost-effective products, guaranteed for 1000 washes.
  • MFVs are an integral part of the Vapodil professional cleaning solution because they can withstand steam of 120°C.
  • On velvet because the high heat alters the colour (steam at 20 to 30 cm)
  • On silk because the high heat causes the silk to emboss (steam at 30 cm)
  • Cotton and linen can be dusted with Vapodil, but to remove the fabric, they must be washed with detergent (NB: Most seat covers are made of cotton or linen)

The NVS is guaranteed for 2 years, the included basic accessories are not guaranteed.


Dry steam technology: the tank heats the water to about 150°C and maintains it at this temperature to produce steam at 120°C and 4 bars of pressure at the gun outlet.  The combination of the two produces dry steam, so the output jet contains about 93% air and 7% water.

Power supply: 230V 50Hz
Power rating: 1250 W
Electrical protection standard: IP 24
Maximum pressure at the gun: 4 bars
Maximum water tank capacity: 1.2 L
Maximum tank temperature: 160 °C
Maximum gun outlet temperature: 120 °C
Autonomy in normal use : 1h15 approx.
Dimension LxWxH : 36x21x29cm
Weight : 3,2 kg

The tank heats the water to approximately 150°C and maintains it at this temperature in order to produce, at the gun outlet, a steam at 120°C at 4 bars of pressure. The steam jet at the outlet therefore contains approximately 93% air and 7% water.

Once the tank is filled with 1.2L of water (without product or essential oil), the Vapodil takes about 8 minutes to heat up (if the tank and water are cold). When the orange light goes out, the Vapodil is ready to be used. During use, the orange light will turn on and off to keep the steam flowing. If you add hot or warm water, you will gain a few minutes of heating time. The tank can be refilled without waiting time. In this case, the reheating takes between 3 and 5 minutes.


The NVS is a pressurised device, so it is only possible to open the plug directly after use if there is no water and therefore no pressure. The cap is equipped with a safety device so that it rotates in a vacuum to prevent forced depressurisation. If you wish to eliminate the remaining pressure in the tank, press the trigger of the gun until the steam jet disappears. Once the pressure has disappeared, the cap can be unscrewed.


As far as possible, we strongly recommend that you only use tap water in your NVS Vapodil as osmosis or softened water has the core of its molecule chemically altered and may damage the stainless steel tank in the medium/long term.

Vapodil has a tank that heats under pressure. The standard would require us to move the reel away from the tank, thus doubling the size and weight of the Vapodil. This is contrary to the ergonomic advantage of the Vapodil. The standard for hoovers, which often have reels, is much less restrictive. Nevertheless, we are currently investigating an easier roll-up solution (to be discovered in the next Vapodil formula).

There is no water level indicator as this would require either a gauge in the tank, which is often faulty or inaccurate, or electronics in the tank which would have a strong impact on the price of Vapodil.

The NVS can be used for approximately 1h15 to 1h30 with a full tank. Refilling is done without delay.

On average, its life span is 10 years. We are working on eco-sustainability, so the first generation Vapodil NVSs from 16 years ago are still being repaired. There is no programmed obsolescence.

During the first heating, the NVS Vapodil consumes 1200 Watts (8 minutes) and afterwards, it only needs 300 to 400 Watts to maintain a constant temperature of 120°C. It consumes less power than a coffee machine that is on all day.

No, because it has a thermostat that stops once the water in the tank has reached 150°C and then the pressure switch cuts the circuit, so there is no risk of overheating. When you do not use the NVS Vapodil for 1 hour, we recommend that you unplug it. It will then be ready again very quickly because the tank stays warm for a long time.

  • Tightening the tank closure too much can damage the seals.
  • The correct way to do this is as follows: I close my cap with only two fingers using my thumb and little finger (ring finger for small hands)

The NVS Vapodil still has an autonomy of 5 minutes when you unplug it. Then, once unplugged, the temperature will decrease so it will no longer produce dry steam. The other solution would be to add a battery, but in this case the NVS Vapodil would weigh 10 to 15 kg more, which is not what we want, because ergonomics is the main concern.


Vapodil is effective on almost all surfaces including :

  • Hard surfaces: tiles, linoleum, sealed parquet, laminate, plastic, cast resin, marble, tile grout, tiles, metal, steel, terracotta
  • Glossy materials: glass, stainless steel, mirror, silverware, copper
  • Wood: glazed wood, varnished wood, untreated wood
  • Textiles: fabrics, curtains, carpets, rugs, armchairs, pillows, cushions, mattresses, duvets, leather, shoes, trainers, coats, awnings
  • Micro-organisms: VOCs (volatile organic compounds), dust mites, bed bugs, insects (eggs, larvae, adults), microbes, germs, moulds, yeasts, staphylococcus, E. Coli, enterococci, lactic acid bacteria, salmonella, bacilli, Candida Albicans, matrices…
  • Kitchen: oven, hood, hob, microwave, worktop, furniture interiors, fridge, dishwasher, food processors, sink, appliances, toaster, sink drain
  • Bathroom: taps, tiles, shower, bath, shower screen, WC, WC brush, shower door
  • Hard-to-reach surfaces: radiator, VMC, window frames, between car seats
  • Outside: PVC roller shutters, garden furniture, blinds, cars (inside and outside), motorbikes, bicycles, sports equipment, spas, swimming pools, verandas, etc.

Vapodil removes limescale for 8-10 days. If the limescale remains, the “limescale protocol” should be applied (application of “paper towels” soaked in vinegar and heated in a kettle).

For shower walls: Apply natural stone, leave for about 15 minutes until the stone dries, heat the wall with the rectangular brush and a large orange square, rinse. If the wall is very dirty, leave for up to 24 hours.

  • Oven inner glass: do not go near the edges as if it is not tightly sealed, it can throw dirt between the two panes and create condensation
  • Paint: Avoid (or at least test) as it can come off if it is of poor quality or not applied correctly
  • Oiled floor: Do not apply steam as this will remove the oil. However, cleaning with the aluminium broom and the blue wet mop is possible and recommended. Before re-oiling your floor, you can use it to start again on a sanitized basis.
  • Waxed parquet: do not hold the trigger down continuously so as not to remove the wax (if you are in doubt, do a preliminary test in a non-visible corner)
  • Silk: do not use at less than 30 cm as it is too fragile
  • Velvet: do not use at less than 30 cm as it is too fragile

Yes, with the gun and sprayer, melt the candle by passing the steam sideways to loosen the wax and pick up with a paper towel or an old microfiber (do not use MFV’s which would be permanently coated with this wax).

It all depends on the textile or the candle. Proceed as for removing a stain. Work with the gun alone sideways to the wax and dab with a paper towel and then an MFV. It may be necessary to repeat the operation to obtain a good result (be careful, pure wool, silk and velvet do not stand heat).

Yes, by passing the gun horizontally all around to loosen the chewing gum and remove with a paper towel (do not use the MFVs as they will definitely be coated with chewing gum).

We can use dry steam on wooden furniture. However, if the wood is attacked on the inside by worms, a specialist will have to be called in to treat the core of the wood.

For the cleaning of this type of floor, you can use NVS VAPODIL dry steam if you work according to the right method: do not remain static, steam fully activated, at one place. We remind you the right way: go steam, return without steam to wipe with the dry floor mop at the beginning (be careful with raw oiled or not hardened parquet: do not pass steam which would remove the protection but prefer the aluminium broom with the slightly wet blue mop).

It’s your responsibility! And if you do, remember to purge well and spray from a safe distance (at least 15 to 20cm).

No, it is not useful unless there are residues to be removed.


Check that the 2 red seals are in place. Remember to put a little liquid soap or dishwashing liquid on the nozzle each time you fill and use it.

To release the cap, hold down the gun trigger with one hand and unscrew the cap with the other hand.

Do not force it and risk breaking it, position the gun latch forward to release the trigger.

Fill with clear water and drain the tank several times until the water is no longer cloudy.

Wait for the orange light to go out, bleed the gun and then heat a second time until the orange light goes out.

If your appliance takes longer than 10 minutes to heat up, it is most likely that there is a lime deposit at the bottom of the tank. To remove it, fill and empty the tank several times until the water is clear. If the lime deposit persists, pour 10 cl of white vinegar and 40 cl of water into the tank and let it heat up for a few minutes. Leave overnight and rinse the tank twice the next day.

When the Sprayer with the red brush is immersed in the bottom of the toilet bowl, water can get into the toilet. Why does this happen?
It’s very simple. It is the “suction” phenomenon linked to the fact that you release the trigger of the gun while being in the water! Just remember to keep the trigger pulled when the Sprayer is in the water!

If you are not strong enough, it is not always easy to remove them. Our advice: place your foot on the rectangular brush to lock it to the floor and then remove, from top to bottom, the gun from the first extension, then the extension, then the second extension from the brush.

To avoid this kind of problem, remember to apply washing-up liquid to the O-rings before using and handling the NVS and its accessories!

Terms of purchase and financing

  • In cash: cheque, Paypal, CB or cash
  • In 1 to 3 instalments by cheque or credit card
  • Payment via Sofinco from 4 instalments according to your monthly payment wishes

Payment is immediate if the payment is made directly by credit card at the time of the order on our site www.ecobiodil.com.

If the payment is made by cheque, the collection is made at the time of the shipment of the order.

If the payment is made by CB VAD (by telephone), the debit is made at the time of shipment.

ADAXO International

ADAXO International, 13 rue Desaix 67450 Mundolsheim- FRANCE

ADAXO offers the SOFINCO financing solution, from 4 instalments, according to your monthly payment wishes.

In 3 instalments

Deliveries are made by UPS, a well-known company specialising in parcel distribution.

Postage is free for all purchases of the Elite and Comfort packs for individuals. For all other cases, these costs vary according to the personalised quotations, corresponding to the needs expressed by the customers.

The Club Card gives you access to newsletters, invitations to open houses and sponsorship gifts. For more information, please contact your advisor.