VOC-free guaranteed cleaning

A healthy home, healthy living and working spaces: we all want it. Despite all the efforts we make to eliminate allergens and to keep our homes clean, we are exposed every day to harmful components that we tend to neglect. Do you know how much NVS Vapodil can help you breathe better?

The number one enemy: the dust. It contains the majority of domestic threats that we breathe in. Dust mites abound in it. The VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) accumulate in it as well, in a vapour state in our atmosphere and spread easily in our homes, workshops or offices. Invisible, they can cause severe irritation, allergies, respiratory system damage and even nervous disorders.

You cannot avoid it: VOCs are used in many products, mainly in grease removers, solvents, but also as cleaning agents and other household products that you use to make your living spaces clean and healthy! In the atmosphere, these VOCs degrade and contribute to disrupt the chemical balances, to create or overproduce ozone, which we know the harmful effects of. Toxic, they are direct pollutants for humans and nature. Some are even identified as carcinogenic.

In response to a 1999 European directive relative to the reduction of VOC emissions, manufacturers have searched for new solutions to reduce and even eliminate these pollutants, by introducing new cleaning methods in their factories and workshops. And which solution is the most popular for the sanitization of the surfaces? The dry steam!

It is proven and widely used by professionals: dry steam technology guarantees “VOC-free cleaning”. A great substitute to conventional solvents, the Vapodil solution doesn’t require household cleaning products. It makes it possible to clean, disinfect, degrease and sanitize without using any chemicals, and consequently it helps to reduce the impact of Volatile Organic Compounds on our health and on the environment.

Thanks to the Vapodil solution, you can benefit, at home, of a clean and ecological process, used in professional environments, where hygiene, cleanliness and the reduction of toxic emissions are regulated by European laws. The bonus? It gives better results than the traditional cleaning method. Why wouldn’t you enjoy this technology at home? It combines high performance, respect of the environment and of the human well-being. By using this organic cleaning method, guaranteed VOC-free, you are helping the planet and giving your home a fresh breath!