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Yes, you can clean everything effortlessly and without chemistry!

Previously dedicated for professional or industrial use, the dry steam cleaner is now attracting more and more individual customers, seduced by this viable and ecological alternative to detergents, which completely transforms the cleaning routine. Efficiency, speed, simplicity, ergonomics, respect of the environment: welcome to the Vapodil era!


The dry steam of the Vapodil, free from any electrical conductivity, neutralizes the static charges of the dust. Sent at very high pressure in the deepest asperities of a surface or of fibres, it acts like a hot gas whose heat removes grease, residues, impurities, mould and dirt. It slips into every corner, even hard-to-reach places, to remove dirt. It even allows cleaning on congested surfaces, without any risk of corrosion or mould due to its very fast drying. The use of microfibres, formulated to capture dirt, ensures a perfect removal of all stains and dirt. The biocidal properties of the steam temperature also ensure excellent disinfection and elimination results on microorganisms, mites and other bacteria.


A single steam jet is sufficient for optimal cleaning. By a simple sweep over the surface to be cleaned or the fabric to be cleansed, the Vapodil DSC removes the most stubborn dirt. A steam jet at arm’s length, a single passage of microfibre cloth, that’s it. No need to rub, the steam does all the work! You clean and disinfect your interiors thoroughly, in a minimal amount of time. Even better: the more you use Vapodil, the less time you spend cleaning! Behind this paradox, there is a proven reality: given the reduction of dirt due to the steam cleaning, your cleaning can be done faster and faster, and without effort. Vapodil even reduces the frequency of some cleaning operations: its efficiency and its performance allow you to gain time and make it very easy to use.


It is no coincidence that Vapodil is considered as the most compact and ergonomic professional dry steam cleaner of its generation. In research and development, particular care has been taken during its development to eliminate tensions, constraining postures and fatigue for the user. Particularly popular in the hotels area, it prevents and reduces MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) by reducing repetitive movements and painful postures, and considerably improves working conditions. You can experience it yourself at home: you don’t carry anything heavy, you don’t bend down, you don’t rub.

Compact, light (less than 4 kilos), easy to use, quiet, very handy due to its small size, the Vapodil DSC can be used anywhere and at any time, without effort, without tension, without risk of tiredness and in complete safety.


No chemical products, very low water and electricity consumption, no polluting emissions: the Vapodil solution is a 100% ecological method! No use of detergent and disinfectant products or disposable dusting wipes, which are often ineffective and time-limited. You save a lot of money on your maintenance costs. With the Vapodil DSC, you clean and disinfect your interiors thoroughly with a very small amount of water: 1 litre, instead of 30 to 50 litres of hot water for a traditional household. As for electricity consumption, it will not cost you more than your coffee machine, thanks to the quality of the materials, the pressure switch and the resistance in the tank. This technology also guarantees performance, robustness and durability, due to reduced power consumption. A great substitute to conventional solvents, the dry steam technology also guarantees a “VOC-free cleaning”, and helps to reduce the impact of Volatile Organic Compounds on our health and environment. Today, the Vapodil method is integrated into multiple specifications integrating ecological constraints, and meets all environmental requirements in every respect.