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Yes, the household can be sustainable!

No use of chemical products, very low water and electricity consumption, no polluting emissions, no waste: the Vapodil solution is a 100% ecological method. By using this cleaning method, you enjoy an impeccable hygiene, which makes your interiors sustainably healthy. You also turn the household into an action that respects the environment and the human being. A household in line with your values!

You use less water

The Vapodil solution cleans deeply and disinfects, with a little amount of water: 1 liter, compared to the 30 to 50 liters of hot water needed for a traditional household, where you sometimes clean several times the same place, where you constantly rinse sponges and mops. With Vapodil, 1 liter of water is sufficient to produce, for 1 to 2 hours, a 120°C continuous steam at the outlet of the accessory, guaranteed without runoff. The dry steam, in direct contact with the surface, degreases and cleans without leaving any traces, when traditional washing requires an array of detergents, sponges and mops that do not always provide good results and are often carrying micro-organisms. Thanks to the dry steam, the Vapodil DSC guarantees cleanliness, hygiene… and water savings!
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Vapodil preserves your water capital

You save energy

The Vapodil solution answers the dual challenge, environmental and financial, of energy consumption. Resource scarcity, global temperature rise and pollution are preoccupying everybody. In addition, 2 out of 3 French people believe that their energy bills represent a significant proportion of the total household expenses. With Vapodil, your water heater, which consumes a lot of energy, is no longer used for your household. As for your electricity consumption, it will cost you no more than your coffee machine, thanks to the quality of the materials, the pressure switch and the resistance in the tank. This technology also guarantees performance, robustness and durability, due to the reduction of the power consumption.
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You do not discharge any pollutants

The Vapodil solution offers a physical, not chemical, cleaning method. It does not require any products. There is therefore no risk of polluting discharges. Most household products are made of chemical products and can have a significant impact on the environment. When discharged into the wastewater system, chemical components can cause long-term pollution of water and soil. When used, they can also emit polluting and harmful particles, such as VOCs, into the air. The properties and performance of the Vapodil dry steam are the same as a powerful detergent. But without chemistry, without polluting emissions, without endangering the planet.

You limit your waste

With the Vapodil solution, there is no need to invest in the purchase of unsustainable products: bottles and cans of household products, mops, sponges or dust removal wipes; disposable, often ineffective and with a limited lifespan. By avoiding all these products, you don’t only save a lot on your maintenance budget, you also limit the waste and the carbon impact, the pollution generated by the continuous transport of products from the factory to the consumer through several intermediaries, and you reduce the volume of waste that are often difficult to treat.

You eliminate allergens

The Vapodil solution is the assurance of naturally getting rid of allergenic agents present in your home. Thanks to its very high temperature, dry steam instantly kills dust mites, eggs and insect larvae, especially bed bug eggs. It easily penetrates the fibers, dislodges and destroys the parasites. It also eliminates microorganisms, reduces allergies related to cleaning chemicals and dust, and does not generate any bacterial resistance. Containing less than 7% of moisture, the 120°C/248°F steam evaporates instantly. Knowing that humidity favors mold and the growth of allergens, it is an additional guarantee of hygiene.

You limit the VOC emissions

Dry steam technology guarantees “VOC-free cleaning”. These Volatile Organic Compounds are used in many processes, mainly as solvents, degreasers, but also as cleaning agents. A great substitute to conventional solvents, the Vapodil solution does not require any household cleaning products. It makes it possible to clean, disinfect, and sanitize without using any chemistry, thus helping to reduce the impact of  VOCs on our health and environment.

 You purify the ambient air

The “no product” solution Vapodil acts as a natural air purifier. Dust is the most visible pollutant in our interiors since it carries a whole pile of microscopic waste and VOCs agglomerate on it. The dry steam is heavier than the dust suspended in the air. By a simple jet in the ambient air, the steam captures and drops these dusts to the ground. Then simply vacuum them and finish the removal by dusting the furniture and washing the floor, for a sustainable purification and sanitation of the air.

You do good to your house plants

Forget lacquer-type products, filled with formaldehydes, which are supposed to make the leaves of your plants shine. Don’t spend hours wiping each leaf with a cloth to remove dust. Your plants love dry steam: it is clean water without any chemistry, that makes their leaves shine, helps the plants to breathe better, eliminates dust in a spray at a 15 cm distance, without a burn risk. With Vapodil, your plants are in great shape, and do their cleaning up job of your home even better.

You offer yourself a long-lasting cleanliness

A sustainable household solution is also a cleaning method that brings cleanliness and hygiene to your spaces over time. Why? First, because the quality, robustness and technology of the materials that composing the Vapodil ensure the durability of your equipment. As well because the dry clean reduces the dirtiness of every surface,  you can progressively reduce the frequency of some cleaning operations. The efficiency and performance of the Vapodil solution saves you time, is very handy and easy to use, comfortable to use and guaranties a constant cleanliness. This solves the paradox of the following equation: the more you use Vapodil, the shorter the household lasts and the longer the cleanliness lasts!

Integrated into multiple specifications integrating ecological constraints, the Vapodil method meets all environmental requirements.

The Vapodil steam cleaner complies with the European directives relating to CE marking (“CME” and “Low Voltage” directives): CE 73:23 LV and CEE 89/336 EMC.