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With Vapodil microfibres, the accessory is no longer superfluous

The result of an exclusive weaving process that offers exceptional absorption, derusting and dust removal capabilities, Vapodil microfibres are unlike any other wipes: thanks to their fineness and density, they remove dirt in one pass and without leaving a trace, capture dust, literally trapped in the filaments, and absorb liquids and fats in depth in the spaces created between the fibres.

Used alone, as a replacement for the sponges used daily, or with the NVS Vapodil and its accessories, they reveal their genius in all circumstances. And without any use of detergent!


A new generation of fabrics

What is a microfiber cloth? It is a piece of textile made of microfilaments, extremely fine fibres. In general, microfibre is considered to be microfibre if the yarn size is less than 1 decitex, i. e. if 10,000 metres of yarn weighs less than one gram. 50 times thinner than a cotton fibre, microfibre makes it possible to effectively capture dirt in the slightest porosity and absorb a large quantity of water. Vapodil microfibers have all these qualities, but much more. The secret of these new generation microfibers lies in their specific weaving and their cells….


Vapodil microfibers versus conventional microfibers

Take the classic microfibres, even the most competitive ones: their weavings are made in crosses. The problem is that at the slightest friction, at the slightest spin or when the fabric is subjected to a high temperature, breaks occur in the fibres. Basically, as soon as a force occurs – heat or torsion – the microfibers break, stretch, damage, the fabric becomes thinner and softer, and loses its effectiveness. Just put them in the dryer and it’s even worse: the breaks are irreparable. In Vapodil microfibres: no cross weaving, but exclusive knitting, in the traditional way, carried out on machines that still produce small widths, with two overspinning edges, almost in artisanal mode, for exceptional quality and density.


The secret of Vapodil weaving

To understand the technological prowess of Vapodil microfibers, it is necessary to take a more detailed look at the weaving of the two polymers used in their manufacture: polyester (with lipophilic properties) and polyamide (with hydrophilic properties). The first loves fat, a property that allows it to naturally attract fat, without using any detergent. As for the second, its affinity with water guarantees a high absorption capacity of the water and the fat it contains. Extruded in a way, polyester and polyamide are two materials that hate each other and put themselves under stress when they are wet, functioning as two chemically opposed magnets. And when the filaments come under stress, cells (spaces created between the fibres) open in the interstices between polyester and polyamide: so many spaces for collecting dirt. You will have understood: the more cells there are, the greater the absorption capacity. This is the case with Vapodil microfibers, which operate by capillary action.


Highly technical microfibres

To achieve this result, microfibres with a very high degree of technicality are obviously required. After several years of study, research and development, our teams have succeeded in determining the ideal number of superposed layers of fibres, in a very precise polyester/polyamide alternation: the Vapodil microfibre was born. Each of our microfibres is now made according to this scientifically developed secret weaving specification. Laboratory tests confirmed the performance in terms of mechanical force, capillary force, absorption capacity, electrostatic force and resistance to heat, friction and spinning. In Vapodil microfibre, there is no yarn crossing, which guarantees the extreme density of the collection cell network. Heat, twist, spin, hole in the fabric: our microfibres do not move, do not fray. In addition to efficiency, there is also an unprecedented longevity in the field of microfibre.


Exceptional absorption capacity

Without the use of cleaning products and with very little water, Vapodil microfibres put the fibres at the heart of the washing action, which become the main detergent element, without chemistry. As mentioned above, Vapodil microfibers are characterized by the extreme density of the network of free spaces formed by the interweaving of microfibers. It is this network, like thousands of small cells, that gives the microfibre its exceptional capacity to absorb water and liquids, all surface dirt. The denser the network, the faster it is able to convey a liquid and absorb it in record time. Used alone or fixed on a suitable brush, Vapodil microfibers remove soiled residues, dirt and grease in one pass, without re-depositing, without leaving any traces.


Dust collection by simple friction

In addition to these detrimental capacities, there are also great dusting qualities. When used without water, it is the friction effect that will allow the Vapodil microfibers to charge positively (+) and thus attract dust that is negatively charged (-) by retaining the particles trapped in their fibres. This ensures a truly effective dust removal, even on static charged surfaces such as TV screens. Microfibre products are already excellent dry friction dust collectors. With Vapodil microfibres, performance is further increased: extruded and woven in a certain way, its synthetic fibres (polyester, polyamide) develop the maximum static charge, so that no dust particles escape.


They work better with little water and no cleaning products!

Let’s go back to the collection cells, these gaps created between the fibres. For these spaces to open and for the microfibre to offer maximum performance, the microfibres must be moist but not wet, otherwise the water floating in the cells takes the place of the elements to be cleaned and the fabric can no longer perform its function properly. In addition, the use of cleaning products is neither necessary nor useful. First of all, because the microfibre itself acts as a detergent. Then, because in all these products which have a synthetic odor, the perfume (not natural) is stabilized by paraffin oil. However, paraffin oil is nothing more than fat that is lodged in the cells. You have understood it: all these products whose clean smell is praised as good only reduce the efficiency of our household: the fat gets into the fibres of the rags and is redeposited elsewhere. To get the best out of Vapodil microfibers, simply wring them out as if they were coming out of the washing machine and remove any cleaning products. At the same time, you limit water consumption, reduce drying time and forget about chemistry!


They are ecological and profitable

The price of a Vapodil microfibre: between 16 and 38 euros. The reason: its manufacture, because it requires a weaving time mechanically 20 times longer than the rate of industrial weavers. Quality at low speed. This initial investment is quickly paid for: not only do our microfibres have an exceptional lifespan compared to conventional microfibres, but they also make it possible to clean by reducing water and waste, whether it is cleaning products or cloths. Moreover, as the drying time of polyester and polyamide fabrics is extremely fast, there is no need to turn your tumble dryer, especially as this will tend to tighten the cells and reduce their efficiency. With Vapodil, microfibre is no longer superfluous: you enhance cleaning performance while preserving environmental resources. It is a solution to clean everything, only with a little water, without any chemicals, without detergents. A pure ecological wonder.


The more you wash them, the more effective they are!

Vapodil microfibers are smart wipes! It’s incredible but true: their formulation makes the more you wash them, the more effective they are. Why? Why? Because unlike conventional microfiber yarns, which break and fray with each use, spin cycle or wash (even at 30°), the washing action on our microfibers enhances the ability of the cells to capture, as if they were operating by memory. The only condition: never use fabric softener and avoid the tumble dryer. There is no need to put too much detergent in, and always prefer a neutral detergent. Your Vapodil microfibers can withstand a temperature of 120°, without risk of damage or fraying. You can therefore quietly machine them (from 30 to 90°C), which allows the textile to be effectively degreased. Better: the higher the temperature, the longer the life of your wipes. The high quality of Vapodil microfibres therefore guarantees prolonged use and maximum efficiency despite a higher number of washings and a higher temperature. The proof? They can be washed 1000 times compared to 300 for the other most competitive wipes, with an average use over 2 years, and without losing their effectiveness. Who says better?