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Winner in energy and resources saving

Do you know why?
Because for 1 hour of cleaning,
Vapodil consumes only 1.2 L of water
and 0.5 kW of electricity*!

Not only is the Vapodil solution economical in terms of water (1.2 L for 1 hour of cleaning compared to approximately 40 L for a conventional household) but it is also economical in terms of electricity: 0.5 kWh for 1 hour (1 kWh for 2 hours of cleaning per week, i.e. 52 kWh/year).
By way of comparison, a water heater for 40 L of water alone consumes 193 kWh* (annual calculation based on twice weekly use)!

The Vapodil solution, a sustainable ecological and economical solution

  • Less water (and therefore less reprocessing)
  • Less electricity
  • Less packaging (because no associated products are needed)
  • Less logistical transport flows (no need for regular product replenishment)
  • Less promotional and advertising material (the solution is mainly known by recommendation through the users themselves and their meetings and exchanges with others)
  • More durability (the Dry Vapor Cleaner is infinitely repairable, each of its components can be replaced in case of failure or breakdown without time limit)* Annual average values given as an indication