Yes, steam is a powerful disinfectant!

It is possible to disinfect without chemistry!

The miracle product? Water. More precisely, saturated water steam, which is called dry steam at 120°C and above. This water in a gaseous state, continuously superheated, powered with steam heated at 120°C and a pressure of 4.5 bar by the Vapodil DSC, has incomparable cleaning, degreasing and disinfecting properties. On top of that, it has a positive impact on our health and it is ecological. Who says better?

Innovative washing process, the 120°C dry steam cleaning stands out from the others, because of its exceptional performance on most substrates. Metal, plastic, textile, stainless steel, steel, rough surface, paint: the Vapodil DSC is suitable for all surfaces, without risking abrasion of the surfaces as it respects every material. Used under pressure, the steam acts like a natural disinfectant and degreaser. It kills germs and bacteria, dissolves grease and oil, cleanses thoroughly. Diffused at one centimetre of distance, it treats the surface to be cleaned at a continuous temperature of 120°C, generating a tiny amount of condensate. This temperature, combined with a pressure of 4 bars when exiting the accessory, disinfects by a simple thermal contact.

Acknowledged for its detersive, detergent, bactericidal and fungicidal properties, the dry steam cleaning has established itself as a safe and effective method, ideal for professionals, especially since this process makes it possible to reach every corner and the most inaccessible spaces.

Let’s use the example of a conventional detergent. This product has surfactant properties, it contains two types of compounds, with different polarities: one is lipophilic (it retains fat) and the other is hydrophilic (it mixes and dissolves in water). How does this detergent interact with the biofilm, this cluster of microorganisms whose cells stick together on a surface? It breaks the physical and chemical bonds of the biofilm, to degrease, remove dirt, germs, bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

What about the dry steam? Its properties and performances are strictly the same. Without any chemistry. The explanations are purely scientific. Brought above its boiling temperature (110°C), the water becomes steam and breaks the physio-chemical bonds that retain the dirt and grease stuck on the surfaces. It is a powerful active surfactant. From 120°C, the combination of steam and pressure adds a disinfectant effect: this is how Vapodil naturally eliminates a significant proportion of germs and other micro-organisms. Collateral advantage: since Vapodil only uses water, it does not generate any bacterial resistance! In the end: an optimal and long-lasting cleanliness and hygiene!

Containing less than 7% of humidity, the dry steam, at very high temperature, also causes the water to evaporate instantly. Knowing that humidity favours mould and the growth of allergenic microorganisms, it is an additional guarantee of hygiene. With NVS Vapodil and its microfibres, the surfaces are quickly dried, residue-free, and the textiles are thoroughly cleaned, freed from mites, microbes and other germs.

Other advantages, and not the least: efficiency, comfort and energy savings. A single steam jet is enough for an optimal cleaning. With a simply sweep on the surface to be cleaned or the fabric to be cleansed, NVS Vapodil removes even the most inlaid dirt. A steam jet at arm’s length, a frictionless passage with a microfiber cloth, and that’s it. There is no need to waste litres of water, chemical products, no need for scouring and wasting energy. Thanks to the Vapodil DSC, a 100% ecological cleaning solution, you can disinfect your interiors deeply, within a little amount of time and with a minimal amount of water. The planet and your wallet are grateful!