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Sanitize your home

Vapotheque • 015

The atmosphere we breathe in our homes contains VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds emanating from the textiles of our armchairs, curtains, paints … These VOCs that we breathe are toxic to our health and can cause allergies.
With Vapodil, clean your home quickly and very effectively!


"Vaporize" widely the rooms of the house as high as possible throughout the room.
Work from top to bottom: chandeliers, curtains, paintings, bookcases and books at a distance of 50 cm. Wipe furniture with the Glove, lamps and TV screen with the Crystal. Same for all the objects in your home and even plants!
Finish with a final pass from top to bottom, then vacuum the floor.


  • With this method, the dust is really removed and comes back much less quickly, so the cleaning sessions are spaced out!