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To keep your MFVs on top!

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To keep your MFV at the top, it is good to keep in mind some good practices … !

Our MFVs are of a high professional quality and are guaranteed 1000 washes and zero traces provided that these few maintenance advices are respected:

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Washing of the MFVs :
⦁ MFVs are machine washable from 30 to 90° with only washing powder, as neutral as possible. Avoid 3-in-1 berlingots which contain other additives in addition to detergent.
⦁ The rules of hygiene recommend a washing of 60 to 90° for a perfect washing and rinsing of the MFV. A short program in the machine does not guarantee a total degreasing.
⦁ If you wish to wash these MFVs with other laundry such as kitchen towels, we advise you to isolate them in a laundry net (which is usually used for underwear). Indeed, the MFVs are so absorbent that they will catch the cotton fibers that can escape from other laundry.


Drying of MFVs:
⦁ We strongly advise against tumble drying for our MFVs. If you have a washing machine that has a spin program of 1200 to 1400 rpm, the MFV’s will come out very slightly damp and therefore have a very fast drying time; knowing that as soon as they come out of the washing machine, they can be used.


⦁ Do not add white vinegar to your washing machine (vinegar is made from sugar beet), it will leave sugar residues and may leave marks on your surfaces.
⦁ Do not use fabric softener! Fabric softener is a fat that would clog the capillaries of the MFVs and make them completely ineffective and leave you with a lot of marks.
⦁ Do not put any essential oil on the MFVs for the same reasons as above.
⦁ If your MFVs leave traces :
  • Check that you are not using too much detergent. If it smells like detergent when you take it out of the machine, it has not been rinsed sufficiently. We advise you to wash them again without detergent.
  • Your surfaces still have greasy residues left by the old products and it will take several steam + MFV passes before you recover the original surface.
Always work with clean MFVs.