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Vapotheque • 001
Spray the siphon with the Sprayer to degrease and remove odours from the pipes.
Spray the faucet with the handle only at 5 cm directly into the foamer and around the faucet (to loosen limescale and bacterial residues).
Clean the flat part with the handle only. If very dirty, use the Sprayer + Round Brush + Square fixed with a rubber band. Clean and then wipe the sink with the Glove.
Use the Crystal for the finishes on stainless steel and chrome surfaces.


  • If your sink is very greasy or has traces of limescale, use the natural stone cream and then apply Vapodil;
  • Do not hesitate to use the Sprayer + Small Round Brush + steel wool (scrub but does not damage) for brilliance around the siphon;
  • A spray in the junction of the sink and the worktop will help to dislodge crumbs and other residues;
  • For a perfect stainless steel (unless already scratched): use the white stone cream after passing the Vapodil, rinse and pass the Crystal;
  • On a daily basis: a simple wipe with a Square or wet Glove will leave you with a clean and easy to clean sink in a weekly household.