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Cooker hood

Vapotheque • 009
Clean the stainless steel walls (inside and outside) + chimney with the handle and then wipe with the Glove. If the hood is very greasy, clean directly on the surface with a Large Triangular Brush + Square fixed with rubber band. Finishes with the Crystal.
If the filters cannot be washed in the dishwasher, remove the filters and place them with gloves in the sink. Clean vertically with the handle + elbow + Triangular Brush. Spray on both sides to remove grease. Rinse with hot water. Repeat the operation if really dirty.
If the coating of the hood is plastered, work with the handle only. Spray as close as possible to dislodge dust and grease. Then wipe off by tapping with the Glove.


  • If the filters are very dirty, the suction will be inefficient and will consume more electricity;
  • Remember to clean it regularly;
  • For bi-material stainless steel and glass (inclined) hoods, use the Long Sprayer to remove the grease from the wall side and then the handle for the rest.