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Vapotheque • 002


Spray over all the walls and wipe with the Glove.
For encrusted dirt (oven racks), use the Sprayer + Small Black Round Brush + Square and then wipe with the Glove.
For the glass interior, use the Sprayer + Large Round Black Brush + Square fixed with an elastic band. Wipe with the Glove and finish with the Crystal.
For the exterior glass part, spray and wipe with the Crystal for a nice finish. Caution: if the door is composed of two glass walls, avoid spraying between the walls to avoid leaving residual mist.


  • If your oven is very greasy or has ingrained stains, use the natural stone cream and then apply the Vapodil;
  • On grills with burnt grease (also for barbecues), add a piece of iron straw cut out (not scratched) of the size of the Small Black Brush;
  • Pass the Sprayer under the oven door and into the groove to dislodge small, hard-to-reach crumbs.