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Fridge and freezer

Vapotheque • 005
Take the food out, turn off the fridge or set the thermostat to zero.
Spray with the handle only and then wipe all surfaces with the Square or Glove. Clean the shelves and crisper above the sink. Clean the walls and then the inside of the door.
Using the Sprayer, clean the hinges, joints and folds. Wipe with the Square or Glove.
To melt ice in the freezer, spray the surface to be thawed with Sprayer. Place a container below to collect the melted ice.
Use the Crystal for glass, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces finishes.


  • Do not use a brush that could scratch your surfaces;
  • On a daily basis, a damp microfiber cleans without rinsing drips and stains in the fridge;
  • In order to avoid touching the walls in contact with the cooling systems (sides or bottom), send the steam 5 cm away;
  • With regular maintenance, it is not necessary to take the shelves out of the fridge.