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Carpets and rugs

Vapotheque • 026
Use the Rectangular Brush topped with a large square to spray slowly over the entire surface to expel dust, residue and deodorize.
Make several passes with the same assembly once in one direction, once in the other, to open the fibres. Result: revived colours and inflated fibres!


  • For stains, spray with the handle at a bias around the stain (not perpendicularly not to encrust the stain further) and then wipe with the Glove;
  • Use the same procedure to remove glue, chewing gum and any other solid residue stuck in the fibres of a carpet or rug;
  • ERGONOMICS: To avoid bad posture that can affect my postural health, always practice with one hand in the back, the other hand operating the Vapodil’s broom.