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Vapotheque • 022
Remove bedsheets, duvet and other textiles from the mattress.
Fix the 2 extensions + Rectangular Brush topped with a Square.
Spray in strips over the entire surface of the mattress, including the sides.
To remove traces, spray at a bias with the handle (and not perpendicularly to avoid incrusting the stain). Wipe off with the Glove.


  • Turn on the steam on the way out, when you pass over the mattress. The return movement wipes and picks up the dirt loosened by the steam with the microfibre;
  • When using the handle, directly on a stain, position it at a bias to the mattress so that the dirt is well removed and thrown out of the fabric;
  • This action attenuates stains without always removing them 100% because the envelopes are mainly made of cotton, which requires soap for a perfect stain removal;
  • Cleaning a bed mattress with Vapodil neutralizes odours (urine…).