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Vapotheque • 006
Remove the baskets and rinse the filter. For the latter, spray with the Sprayer and wipe off the grease with the Glove or Square.
Spray the inside walls with the handle only. For hard-to-reach parts (joints, hinges, wash basins) use the Sprayer. Then wipe off with the Glove or Square.
For outdoors, spray with de handle and wipe with the Glove or Square.


  • Before replacing the filter, place the Long Sprayer (or Sprayer) in the drain and clean with a few squeezes to dissolve the grease in the drain;
  • Remember to clean underneath the dishwasher when the door is open. This is a place you can’t see when your dishwasher is closed;
  • A scaled dishwasher washes less well. Clean your dishwasher regularly with Vapodil, ideally once a week.