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Cushions, pillows, duvets

Vapotheque • 031
For cushions or pillows, use the Large Triangular Brush + Orange Square fixed with a rubber band.
For a duvet or bedspread, use the Rectangular Brush + Orange Square.
Don't forget to purge the handle before inserting it into the brushes. Then spray in contact of the fabric and repeat on reverse side.


  • To be always using dry steam, activate the steam in discontinuous mode to allow the Vapodil to maintain the output temperature at 120°C and not to wet your textiles;
  • Before cleaning them with the Vapodil, place the textiles in a vacuum bag for a few minutes and then quickly open the bag to kill the mites. Then vacuum with PROAQUA (water vacuum cleaner – sold at ADAX’O) and finish with Vapodil.