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I’ve discovered that cleaning is a game!

Publié le Wednesday 28 September 2022

Vapodil is a tool that corresponds well to my way of thinking. It translates a philosophy that takes into account a way of life and a vision of the world: natural and product-free, respectful of nature, simple, practical, effective and fast. Cleaning without products, using little water resources are first of all mental attitudes that translate […]

And who knows, it may get in Buckingham Palace in a few months ?!

Publié le Monday 9 May 2022

Hello! I am Virginie, based in London for almost 7 years. I first met the Vapodil when I moved out from Aix-en-Provence. I called the Cleaning Queen (aka my Mum) to be sure to get my deposit back. When she walked into the flat with her Vapodil, my first question was, “What’s your teleshopping machine?!” – […]

10,000 uses and it’s still going strong!

Publié le Friday 9 April 2021

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you once again on the quality of your devices. We did the calculation with a patient yesterday morning, we are approaching 10,000 uses (at an average of 45 uses per day, 5 days a week for almost 42 weeks!) and …. it still works as […]

Long live Vapodil which I recommend with my eyes closed!

Publié le Friday 9 April 2021

To my “Huggy the Good Tips”, What can I say except thank you, thank you for making my life easier every day and for making housework easier and above all faster. Cleaning without effort and with undeniable efficiency with Vapodil is now a done deal. Men, you can also use it without any problem, the […]

The Vapodil? The promise of a dream come true…

Publié le Tuesday 1 December 2020

“Two years ago, Odile Ehrbar sold me a dream by telling me that, thanks to Vapodil, I would save time and money, that there would be less sick leave of cleaning staff in my establishment, that cleaning with Vapodil preserves and respects even the most fragile surfaces and materials, that the cost of our dry […]

Fast as lightning!

Publié le Thursday 13 August 2020

Hello, Just to thank you for the speedy delivery. I did receive the package this morning. Thank you again, it’s a pleasure to work with you again. All the best. Laurence DV. Head of Catering 06/09/2013

As a beekeeper, I am very satisfied!

Publié le Thursday 13 August 2020

I’m very satisfied with Vapodil. It has eliminated odours, removed grease from sinks, and revived floors (tiles and parquet). I also removed old traces left by cleaning products. My commercial premises are now fully maintained with VAPODIL. Thank you very much. Isabelle Rosa – Beekeeper 11/10/2012

Testimony of RDFI Conseil, a Vapodil customer

Publié le Thursday 13 August 2020

Testimony of Christelle Ortiz – company manager The cleanliness is not felt by the aggressive and chemical smell of the “household” yet I have the chance to evolve in healthy offices that breathe! This ecological cleaning concept respects my values and the health of my employees. In Lyon on 5/10/2011

I’ve never had so much fun cleaning my toilet…

Publié le Thursday 13 August 2020

What happiness, I’m already addicted! I can’t wait to get my Vapodil back on! After yesterday’s delivery, I was in a hurry to turn on the Vapodil! I wanted to make my cranium by cleaning the air and there … the big water jet on the ceiling! ???? crazy laughing assured with my mom (I […]

My impression after cleaning the oven: perfect!

Publié le Thursday 13 August 2020

Thank you again for your efficient and pleasant visit: I am so happy with what Vapodil brings me! Your sheet confirms my impression after cleaning the oven: perfect! I am looking forward to sharing again the excellence of these products and I greet you very cordially. 16/01/2018