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I’m simply amazed by the ease of use !

Publié le Wednesday 29 July 2020

I’m simply amazed by the ease of use, the little effort and the rendering that is beyond my expectations.With my Vapodil received quickly after my order, I have already cleaned several places in the house (revived my white leather sofas, cleaned my floor cushions and those of the sofas, cleaned my oven, cleaned my aluminium […]

The result is like the beams have been waxed!

Publié le Wednesday 29 July 2020

I used Vapodil to clean the French ceilings at my mother’s house, ceilings made of beautiful oak beams that are very difficult to clean. I first sprayed the steam from above to bring down the dust and it worked beyond my expectations. Then with the telescopic broom, I wiped the beams and the spaces between […]

Vapodil allows me to ensure the safety of my patients…

Publié le Wednesday 29 July 2020

Hello, Thank you for your email. Having problems with my mailbox for several days, I allow myself to answer you by message. I have received the notes from Vapodil concerning COVID-19 and I was relieved to have it because I was unable to order hydroalcoholic gel to clean the surfaces between each patient, as well […]

From floor to ceiling, everything goes!

Publié le Wednesday 29 July 2020

The Vapodil!? I hesitated a little before deciding to buy it for many reasons: its cost, my age (I am a “confirmed” granny, I will be 73 years old), my needs… Then, after a real demonstration at my home, one day of cleaning chores, bent in half to make the bathtub shine, I told myself […]

A new ” adept ” 100% satisfied!

Publié le Wednesday 29 July 2020

A big thank you to Lydia and the VAPODIL team for its coaching in the discovery of Vapodil. I am a new and 100% satisfied fan! During the confinement, Lydia was able to answer my questions, reassure me. We exchanged by phone, by videoconference and she organized the delivery of my VAPODIL so that I […]