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In the hotel rooms

The Vapodil steam cleaner sanitizes the hotel rooms

  • Vapodil purifies naturally the air in the bedroom
  • Vapodil aerates the cushions, the pillows and the duvets
  • Vapodil kills the bed bugs in the matrices
  • Vapodil eliminates the microbes
  • Vapodil refreshes the carpeting
  • Vapodil removes the dust from the curtains
  • Vapodil cleans the wardrobes (cabinets?) inside and outside
  • Vapodil polishes the bathroom
  • Vapodil sanitizes and deodorizes the restroom
  • Vapodil cleans the windows without a trace
  • Vapodil makes the fittings shine


Efficiency and the ergonomics of Vapodil are weel recognized :

We are having partnership with CRAMIF in the ERGO ROOM at Equip’Hôtel Paris 2018


You can find some testimonies of professionals here