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And who knows, it may get in Buckingham Palace in a few months ?!

Hello! I am Virginie, based in London for almost 7 years.

I first met the Vapodil when I moved out from Aix-en-Provence. I called the Cleaning Queen (aka my Mum) to be sure to get my deposit back.

When she walked into the flat with her Vapodil, my first question was, “What’s your teleshopping machine?!” – she doesn’t watch that kind of tv shows and doesn’t even have a TV at home… After a few minutes I had the WOW effect! Highly curious about life and new things, I tried and Loorrrddd! What a change compared to when I moved in, that I cleaned the walls with a sponge…!!

New city, New way of cleaning! Bye,bye to the sponges and Welcome to the Vapodil!

I took it in the Eurostar with me and quickly adapted itself to London lifestyle. My flat welcomed it with open arms, just like my flatmates!! 

I worked for a decade in luxury hotels, in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and London. The pandemic has decided to end my love story with it. Now big question – What happens next?!

After a heartbreak, some people like to go to the hairdresser to change their look, others move to a new city, others prefer to go on a trip. 

I challenged myself to make the Vapodil discover to the United Kingdom! And who knows, it may get in Buckingham Palace in a few months?!  😉

Virginie (April 2022)